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At Routledge, our goal is to nurture the impact your research has on the world with increased discoverability and visibility for your article. Our Business & Management journals portfolio consists of notably indexed, peer-reviewed, fully open access titles and hybrid journals, where you can choose to publish open access or not. Our publications reach the academic research community, practitioner community, and beyond.

Browse our featured titles below to find the right journal for your business & management research—simply click ‘view journal’ to start reading the aims & scope, instructions for authors, and much more.

Publishing open access increases the visibility and readership of your research, helping you make an impact beyond your field.

Public Money & Management
3.040 (2021)
Publishes impactful international research that seeks to improve practice in the financing, policy and management of public services.
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Cogent Business & Management
Publishes research that strives for inclusivity and global reach in all areas of business and management, from operations research to corporate governance.
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The International Journal of Human Resource Management
6.026 (2021)
Publishes international research to develop theory and practice in HRM, including new ways of working, diversity & inclusion, talent and performance management.
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Entrepreneurship & Regional Development
6.408 (2021)
Publishes research on entrepreneurship and innovation by small businesses and entrepreneurs, their local context, and their impact on economic development.
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Journal of Social Entrepreneurship
Publishes research on social entrepreneurship, which is defined as having four key components: sociality, innovation, market orientation and hybridity.
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Public Performance & Management Review
2.806 (2021)
Publishes research on the performance of public and nonprofit organizations, advancing theories on public governance, public management and public performance.
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International Journal of Public Administration
Publishes research on latest developments in international public administration, policy and management, including emerging and transitional states.
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Management & Organizational History
1.303 (2021)
Publishes interdisciplinary research on historical approaches to management and organization, including business, management history and organization theory.
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Public Management Review
6.004 (2021)
Publishes international research on the development of public management, including public policy developments and management of public services.
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2.453 (2021)
Publishes research on innovation in and across organizations aimed at scholars in management, strategy, entrepreneurship, and organizational theory.
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Journal of Small Business Management
6.881 (2021)
Publishes international research on small business management and entrepreneurship, including small business finance, organization, strategy and finance.
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Journal of Change Management
Publishes research in organizational theory and practice development with a focus on change management and leadership as processes rather than as roles alone.
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Maritime Policy & Management
Publishes research on business, organizational, economic, sociolegal and management topics at port, community, shipping company and shipboard levels.
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Journal of Inter-Organizational Relationships
Publishes research on interactions and relationships between organizations, including supply chain, marketing channel and intra-organizational relationships.
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If none of these titles sound perfect, browse our full Business and Management collection, or try out our Journal Suggester by simply pasting in the abstract of your article and clicking ‘reveal suggested journals’.

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