Call for Editor – Journal of Visual Art Practice

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Call for Editor 

 Journal of Visual Art Practice

2 October 2020

About the Journal

The Journal of Visual Art Practice (JVAP) is a forum of debate and inquiry for research in art. JVAP is concerned with visual art practice including the social, economic, political and cultural frames within which the formal concerns of art and visual art practice are located. The journal is concerned with research engaged in these disciplines, and with the contested ideas of knowledge formed through that research.

JVAP welcomes submissions that explore new theories of research and practice and work on the practical and educational impact of visual arts research. JVAP recognises the diversity of research in art and visual arts, and as such, we encourage contributions from scholarly and pure research, as well as developmental, applied and pedagogical research.

In addition to established scholars, we welcome and are supportive of submissions from new contributors including doctoral researchers. We seek contributions engaged with, but not limited to, these themes:

  • Art, visual art and research into practitioners' methods and methodologies 
  • Art, visual art, big data, technology, and social change
  • Art, visual art, and urban planning
  • Art, visual art, ethics and the public sphere
  • Art, visual art, representations and translation
  • Art, visual art, and philosophy
  • Art, visual art, methods, histories and beliefs
  • Art, visual art, neuroscience and the social brain
  • Art, visual art, and economics
  • Art, visual art, politics and power
  • Art, visual art, vision and visuality
  • Art, visual art, and social practice
  • Art, visual art, and the methodology of arts-based research

Articles published in JVAP are subject to double-blind peer review. In some cases, however, articles involve the work of practitioners writing about their own practice, making anonymity impossible. In these cases, two members of the Editorial Board review the articles. Additionally, JVAP publishes special issues with Guest Editors. For these issues, the Editor and the Special Issue Editor manage the double-blind peer review process. 

About the role

Routledge is seeking expressions of interest for the Editor of Journal of Visual Art Practice (JVAP), to take over the role officially from 1 January 2021, but a handover period prior to this is anticipated.

Routledge is seeking an Editor who has an art or visual art practice background or experience in a related discipline.

The Editor is responsible for ensuring that high-quality research, that supports the journal’s Aims and Scope, is published in JVAP. Key elements of the role include:

  • Soliciting and receiving submissions to the journal
  • Maintaining rigorous peer review handled through the journal’s Editorial Manager system
  • Commissioning special/themed issues and appointing Guest Editors as appropriate
  • Establishing responsive relationships with reviewers for the journal
  • Appointing Editorial Advisory Board Members
  • Promoting the journal at conferences, events and to relevant networks

An Editorial Honorarium will be provided to cover any expenses incurred during the work of editing the journal.

Expressions of interest

Interested individuals are invited to submit their CV and a brief Vision Statement (1-2 pages only), outlining their thoughts in relation to the editorship of the journal. The Vision Statement may cover the following in relation to the journal’s standing:

  • Current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Key developments in the subject area, conferences and events
  • Opportunities for soliciting articles, special/themed issues
  • Considerations that will enhance the quality and reputation
  • Competitor analysis of key journals in the subject area

Interested individuals are also asked to outline any relevant editorial experience and how they would apply this experience to this role. Editorial experience may include the following:

  • Editor, Co-Editor, Associate Editor, Assistant Editor
  • Editorial Board/Editorial Advisory Board Member
  • Reviewer
  • Author
  • Guest Editor
  • Experience with electronic editorial systems, such as ScholarOne Manuscripts or Editorial Manager

Expressions of interest from individuals or Co-Editorship teams will be considered. In cases of Co-Editorships, please clearly outline the roles, responsibilities and how you intend to work as a team.

Any queries about the role and expressions of interest should be sent to Ruth Glasspool, Portfolio Manager at Routledge: [email protected]

The deadline for expressions of interest is 25th September 2020.

Call for Editor 

 Journal of Visual Art Practice

The Journal of Visual Art Practice (JVAP) is a forum of debate and inquiry for research in art. JVAP is concerned with visual art practice including the social, economic, political and cultural frames within which the formal concerns of art and visual art practice are located.