Journal of Contemporary Asia celebrates 50 years - Editor contributions

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50 Years of the Journal of Contemporary Asia

Articles from Current and Former Editors

Founded in 1970, the Journal of Contemporary Asia celebrates a half-century of critical scholarship in 2020.

Journey through the history of the journal in a collection of articles published by the editors over this 50 years. From co-founding editor Malcolm Caldwell's "The role of the peasantry in the revolution" in Volume 1, Issue 1, to current editor-in-chief Kevin Hewison's recent studies on Thailand, the depth and breadth of JCA's editorial contributions offer unique insight into Asia's economic, political and social development.

The below articles are free-access via this page until the end of 2020.

Malcolm Caldwell (Co-Founding Editor, 1970-1978)

Journal of Contemporary Asia first cover

Jonathan Fast (Editor, 1975-1981)

Peter Limqueco (Co-Founding Editor, 1970-2015; Editor Emeritus, 2015-present)

Article Title Author(s) Volume Issue Year
Interview with Prince Souphanouvong, President of the Central Committee of the Lao Patriotic Front Peter Limqueco 1 1 1970
Notes on a visit to Vietnam Peter Limqueco 6 4 1976
Interview with Nguyen Khac Vien Peter Limqueco 7 2 1977
Interview with Pridi Banomyong Peter Limqueco 7 3 1977
Problems of economic planning for underdeveloped socialist countries† Peter Limqueco & Bruce McFarlane 9 1 1979
UNITAR conference 1980: Step towards collective self-reliance in Asia† Peter Limqueco & Bruce McFarlane 10 4 1980
Contradictions of development in ASEAN Peter Limqueco 13 3 1983
The Partisan Scholar Peter Limqueco 30 3 2000

Bruce McFarlane (Co-Editor, 1981-2005)

Article Title Author(s) Volume Issue Year
Economic policy and economic growth in China Bruce McFarlane 1 4 1972
Prospects for revolution in South-East Asia in the next decade: the role of Australia Bob Catley & Bruce McFarlane 4 3 1974
Imperialism in the 1980's Bruce McFarlane 7 4 1977
Problems of economic planning for underdeveloped socialist countries† Peter Limqueco & Bruce McFarlane 9 1 1979
An Australian perspective on the “New international economic order” Bob Catley & Bruce McFarlane 10 1-2 1980
UNITAR conference 1980: Step towards collective self-reliance in Asia† Peter Limqueco & Bruce McFarlane 10 4 1980
A note on Mahalanobis' neo-marxian development model Bruce McFarlane 12 3 1982
Growth and cycles in Southeast Asian development Bruce McFarlane 18 2 1988
Regional inequality and regionalism in Vietnam and China Melanie Beresford & Bruce McFarlane 25 1 1995
The unfolding of the Asean Economic Crisis Bruce McFarlane 29 1 1999
Politics of the World Bank-International monetary fund nexus in Asia Bruce McFarlane 31 2 2001
The Asiatic Mode of Production: A new phoenix? (Part 1) Bruce McFarlane, Steve Cooper & Miomir Jaksic 35 3 2005
The Asiatic Mode of Production - a new phoenix (Part 2) Bruce McFarlane, Steve Cooper & Miomir Jaksic 35 4 2005

Kevin Hewison (Editor, 2005-present)

Article Title Author(s) Volume Issue Year
The political economy of Siam, 1851–1932 Kevin J. Hewison 10 3 1980
The financial bourgeoisie in Thailand Kevin J. Hewison 11 4 1981
Capital in the Thai countryside: The sugar industry Kevin Hewison 16 1 1986
Industry prior to industrialisation: Thailand Kevin Hewison 18 4 1988
Labour and unions in an industrialising Thailand Kevin Hewison & Andrew Brown 24 4 1994
Thai migrant workers in Hong Kong Kevin Hewison 34 3 2004
Exploitation in global supply chains: Burmese workers in Mae Sot Dennis Arnold & Kevin Hewison 35 3 2005
Noam Chomsky on Indochina and Iraq: An interview Kevin Hewison 37 4 2007
A book, the king and the 2006 coup Kevin Hewison 38 1 2008
Introduction: Thailand and the “good coup” Michael K. Connors & Kevin Hewison 38 1 2008
Hong Kong-Invested Companies in Thailand: Labour Relations and Practices Kevin Hewison & Catherine C. H. Chiu 39 1 2009
Introduction: South Korea and the Antinomies of Neo-Liberal Globalisation Sook Jong Lee & Kevin Hewison 40 2 2010
Introduction: Understanding Thailand’s Politics Veerayooth Kanchoochat & Kevin Hewison 46 3 2016
Crazy Rich Thais: Thailand’s Capitalist Class, 1980–2019 Kevin Hewison 2019

Journal of Contemporary Asia

An established refereed publication, Journal of Contemporary Asia has appeared quarterly since 1970. When the journal was established, it was conceived as providing an alternative to mainstream perspectives on contemporary Asian issues. The journal maintains this tradition and seeks to publish articles that deal with the broad problems of economic, political and social development of Asia. Articles on economic development issues, political economy, agriculture, planning, the working class, people’s movements, politics and power, imperialism and empire, international financial institutions, the environment, and economic history are especially welcomed. The journal also has a strong interest in the scientific development of theory that is of global significance, especially on the role of the state, class analysis, power and globalisation. An important aim of the journal has been to publish the work of Asia-based researchers, those working in best traditions of critical political economy, and young researchers.

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