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The Women, Peace and Security Agenda in 2020: A forward-looking retrospective

International Feminist Journal of Politics

Laura J. Shepherd
Department of Government and International Relations, The University of Sydney, Australia

The editors of the International Feminist Journal of Politics invited me to curate a virtual special issue on the theme of the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda as a partner project to the themed collections we will be publishing in issues 22(4) and 22(5).[i] Intellectually, I was excited by this prospect, by the opportunity to revisit all of the sharp and insightful analysis of the WPS agenda in all its various manifestations that the journal has published over the years (and, yes, a little daunted by the task of having to decide which of the multitude of worthy articles to include in this collection). As a feminist scholar and a WPS nerd, it would surprise no one who knows me that I was delighted and very motivated by this project. I was surprised, however, at the extent to which the project moved me personally, as I read abstracts and re-read articles and remembered back through my own WPS research and my involvement with the journal in the process of curating this collection. Usually, an introduction of this kind offers a rationale for the project, often an intellectualisation of a passion or enthusiasm, and a thinly rendered account of each of the contributions. I am offering instead a more personal reflection on what it means to me to be introducing this collection of stellar WPS-related research, in this journal, which has been built by our community over almost the same time period throughout which the WPS agenda has become embedded in the global governance of peace and security.

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Please enjoy the following articles with until February 28, 2021.

[i] These collections are on the themes of ‘Situating Women, Peace and Security: Theorising from “the local”’, which will be published in 22(4), and ‘Knowing Women, Peace and Security: New issues and new modes of encounter’, forthcoming in 22(5).

Article Title Author(s) Volume & Issue Year
Women, Peace and Security: Resolution 1325 by Carol Cohn,Helen Kinsella and Sheri Gibbings 6 (1) 2004
Sex, Security and Superhero(in)es: From 1325 to 1820 and Beyond Laura Shepherd 13 (4) 2011
No Angry Women at the United Nations: Political Dreams and the Cultural Politics of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 Sheri Gibbings 13 (4) 2011
UNSCR 1325 and Women's Peace Activism in the Occupied Palestinian Territory by Vanessa Farr 13 (4) 2011
Configurations of Post-Conflict: Impacts of Representations of Conflict and Post-Conflict upon the (Political) Translations of Gender Security within UNSCR 1325 Laura McLeod 13 (4) 2011
Femininity is not inferiority: women-led civil society organizations and “countering violent extremism” in Nigeria Chikodiri Nwangwu and Christian Ezeibe 21 (2) 2019
Formulating Japan’s UNSCR 1325 national action plan and forgetting the “comfort women” Hisako Motoyama 20 (1) 2018
Iraqi Women and UNSCR 1325: An Interview with Sundus Abbas, Director of the Iraqi Women's Leadership Institute, Baghdad, January 2011 Nicola Pratt 13 (4) 2011
“Courage is very important for those who wage peace”: conversation with Jasmin Nario-Galace, peace educator, on the implementation of the UN's Women, Peace and Security agenda in conflict-ridden Philippines Barbara K. Trojanowska 21 (2) 2019
Making these beautiful resolutions real: Sara E. Davies in conversation with Devanna de la Puente Sara E. Davies 19 (1) 2017
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