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Review of Communication Upcoming Calls for Papers

About the Journal

Review of Communication publishes scholarship that advances the discipline of communication through the study of major themes that cross the disciplinary sub-fields. Following the intellectually and academically cosmopolitan tradition of the journal, we invite substantive essays that not only review controversies and trajectories in communication scholarship but that, in so doing, make a contribution to the major issues that span our disciplinary divides. Review of Communication is unique in this focus on broad trends, topoi, and impasses in the study of communication. Such macro-interpretive studies may be historical, theoretical, philosophical, qualitative, quantitative, rhetorical, or syncretic, but they share the purpose and promise of moving scholarship forward by providing clarity, insight, nuance, or sophistication to our understanding of where we are and where we have been. We especially welcome essays that use those insights to build theory, advance our understanding of a method, extend or challenge a current paradigm, bridge a divide, clarify a term or concept, or demonstrate a pragmatic function.

Editorial Information

Kathleen McConnell,
San Jose State University, USA

Editorial Assistant:
Sohinee Roy,
Arizona State University, USA

Review of Communication

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