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Editor-Elect Kathleen McConnell is now accepting submissions.

Review of Communication Calls for Papers

Editorial Information

Kathleen McConnell,
San Jose State University, USA

Editorial Assistant:
Sohinee Roy,
Arizona State University, USA

Review of Communication

Editorial Call

Kathleen F. McConnell, Editor-Elect

I am pleased to announce two changes to the journal’s format. First, NCA’s only web-based journal is now accepting submissions that include video, sound, and other digital media. As it expands its offerings, the journal will retain its tradition of publishing macro-interpretative analyses of controversies and trajectories in communication scholarship and will continue to serve as a venue for critical reflection on the discipline and its sub-fields.

Second, Review of Communication will now feature themed issues exclusively. Beginning with Volume 20, the journal will publish four themed issues per year. This change builds on the journal’s success with special issues under the editorship of Ramsey Eric Ramsey. In keeping with its current practice, submissions will undergo rigorous peer review, including screening by the editor, guest editor(s), and review by at least two anonymous referees.

The journal’s recent special issues affirm the generative role that teaching sometimes plays in advancing scholarship. Guest editors have advanced questions or topics with thorough scholarly conversations that aim to serve as instructional resources for those interested in teaching about a particular area or sub-field.

I would like continue with that option and expand on it by encouraging themes that explore the mutually influencing relation between the study of communication and the professional and institutional life of the discipline. I invite proposals that engage other aspects of the profession, including publishing, peer review, professional association, and public service. Like teaching, these activities are informed by scholarly traditions and can inspire research in addition to facilitating it. They also influence and alter research programs for better or worse. One way to advance the study of communication then is to (re)view how higher education’s professional practices, institutional features, and ethical and political commitments both propel and stymie the controversies and trajectories that are shaping the field.


Future submissions to the journal should either respond to a call for papers for one of the upcoming themed issues, or should consist of a proposal to guest edit an issue with a detailed rationale for the issue, a 20–25 item bibliography that positions the theme within a conversation, and a draft of a call for papers inviting authors to address the proposed theme. Those who would like to contribute an essay to one of the themed issues in progress may visit:


Those interested in proposing a theme are invited to contact me at kathleen.mcconnell@sjsu.edu. To view our current calls for papers, please click on the menu tab in the top left corner of the page.

I look forward serving as editor of Review of Communication while it embarks on this exciting next phase.

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