Retrospective Open Access

Unlock the full potential of your institution’s published research 


Retrospective Open Access offers the opportunity to increase the impact and accessibility of your institution’s research by converting previously published articles to open access.  

How can Retrospective Open Access benefit your institution?   

  • COST EFFECTIVE  Convert publications from your researchers to open access. You can open important content strategically or selectively open highly viewed content with appealing discounts.

  • RAISE YOUR PROFILE of under-supported research areas. Open access publications have a broader readership and higher downloads.

  • IMPROVE ACCESSIBILITY of high-quality scholarship that has already achieved attention. Open access articles can be read by anyone, anywhere

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Our Commitment to You

Your needs matter. We work collaboratively and creatively with your institution to build an impactful open access collection.

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“To achieve an open future, we work collaboratively with research institutions, scholarly societies, funders, and policymakers. FIND OUT HOW our services, policies, and initiatives can help your institution achieve its open research goals.”

Open Access Journal Highlights infographic featuring three gray push buttons depicting the statistics of 250 plus Open Access journals, 32 thousand plus citations of T&F OA articles in the news, 3,700 plus patents and policies influenced by T&F OA articles
Open access highlights infographics featuring gray push buttons depicting 6,000 plus OA articles published 
at T&F, 100 thousand plus full text downloads of T&F OA articles, 7,900 plus The number of humanities and social sciences articles published OA in 2021

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