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Deadline: 1 March 2019

Special Issue

The Artificial Intelligence Renaissance

Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged from its "AI winter" and entered a renaissance. Increases in computing power, advances in machine learning algorithms, and dramatic increases in data volumes and data structures to manage the volume have all contributed to increased success with AI applications and a broadening of application areas. AI has already led to improvements in operational efficiency, asset utilization, and hyper-personalization in marketing, and its impact is only beginning to be realized. AI and its related disciplines may well revolutionize innovation, both in terms of the products that can be created and in terms of the innovation process itself.
RTM is interested in articles about artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics, cognitive computing, automation, and related technologies, specifically focusing on how these technologies can be effectively managed as part of an innovation portfolio. We seek case studies, frameworks, and articles that provide insight into application spaces, managerial practices, and critical success factors. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • How to identify applications for AI and related technologies that make sense for the business
  • What is needed for business success with AI
  • The implications of AI for business operations
  • The common pitfalls in AI efforts
  • Roadmaps to adoption of AI and automation
  • Business model implications of AI and automation

Note that we are not interested in technical articles about the technology itself; RTM’s focus is on how the technology can be integrated with a wider portfolio as part of a comprehensive innovation strategy.

Submission Guidelines

RTM articles are original, concise, and practice centered, offering practical information, case studies, and tools and frameworks readers can put to work immediately. We prefer submissions at around 4,000–4,500 words, although we will publish truly groundbreaking pieces as long as 5,000 words. Click here for more information, including author’s guidelines and submission procedures.
To be considered for the special issue, articles should be submitted by March 1, 2019, via RTM’s Editorial Manager system. Please select Special Issue Article as the article type and note the special issue title in the appropriate space.

Research-Technology Management

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