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Special Issue Call for Papers

Remote Sensing in Water Management and Hydrology

Submission deadline
30 June 2020

Guest Editors:


Water is considered as the essential resource required by all living beings on Earth. In order to manage such a precious resource, an overall study of water bodies is essential. An effective study on hydrology and water management can be even more advantageous than other streams of study, since hydrology is a scientific study of navigation, distribution and quality of all the water bodies on the surface of the earth. By studying the various chemical and biological properties of water a proper water channel management can be maintained. These diversified studies by the hydrologists can be used for creating a well planned calculated environment. However, over the past decade many challenges have been raised by the scientific and resource management professionals to ensure a secure water supply based on ecological and economic developments.  A proper network is not currently being used in the monitoring and observation process of Water Management. To overcome these challenges more accurately, advanced sensing technologies can be helpful.

Remote sensing is the process of detecting and monitoring of information about various resources and its management. Identifying the various changes in the environment and over the surface of the earth has become an easy way of using remote sensors. The whole remote sensing cycle has the process of identifying the energy source, interacting with the source and recording the data, and finally transmitting and processing of data. Remote sensing can be used in Water Management and Hydrology in identification of new sources and proper management of water bodies. Using proper remote sensing technologies in the study of resources the challenges in water management and hydrology can be discussed properly.

Proper implementation of remote sensing technologies in management of water and hydrology can be used to overcome the current and emerging challenges. It can be used to address the problems related to floods, droughts, sustainable agriculture and global climatic changes.  This special issue on “Remote Sensing in Water Management and Hydrology” will serve as an interesting platform to exchange ideas to discuss more the current and emerging challenges in the field of Water Management and Hydrology based on Remote Sensing Technologies.


Topics of interest include but are not restricted to:

  • Various applications of hydrology to water resources management
  • Effective utilization of remote sensing data in planning, design and operation of water resource systems
  • Integrating remote sensing and hydrological model to calculate water navigation and distribution
  • Need for remote sensing techniques to monitor water pollution
  • Importance of remote sensing as a guide to earth observation
  • A study on the potential of water harvesting using Hydrologic remote sensing techniques
  • A review of remote sensing based methods for surface water monitoring
  • Future trends of pattern recognition in remote sensing of water related resources
  • A comparative study of remote sensing and hydrology in Groundwater exploration for water supply purposes
  • Role of remote sensing methodologies in flood forecasting and control
  • Opportunities and challenges of hydrological remote sense modeling for irrigation management

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Instructions for Authors

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Important Dates

Full paper submission deadline: 30th June 2020

Initial decisions on revisions or rejection: 13th September 2020

Final manuscripts submitted to EuJRS: 30th November 2020

Articles will be available online approximately one month after acceptance, final technical review and the completion of revisions for compliance with journal format.