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Remote Sensing and GIS

Capturing data on earth

Remote sensing and GIS explores the use of technologies to gather information about the earth we live on.

In celebration of this year's Earth Science Week, and in acknowledgement of the breadth of research, we’ve collated free leading articles from our remote sensing and GIS portfolio. The articles below cover a variety of uses of remote sensing and GIS, including land-use, natural hazards and smart technologies.

All featured research will be available via this page until 28 February 2021 for you to read, share and cite.

Explore the collection and join in the conversation at @tandfenviro with #EarthSciWeek.


Journal Article Authors Year
Geo-spatial Information Science Social media as passive geo-participation in transportation planning – how effective are topic modeling & sentiment analysis in comparison with citizen surveys? Oliver Lock & Christopher Pettit 2020
Geo-spatial Information Science Urban sprawl and its impact on sustainable urban development: a combination of remote sensing and social media data Zhenfeng Shao , Neema S. Sumari , Aleksei Portnov, et al. 2020
Geo-spatial Information Science Exploring point zero: a study of 20 Chinese cities Qi Zhou , Mingjian Zhai & Wenhao Yu 2020
Cartography and Geographic Information Science Tracking a city’s center of gravity over 500 years of growth from a time series of georectified historical maps Tatiana Alvares-Sanches, Patrick E. Osborne, P.A.B. James, et al. 2020
International Journal of Geographical Information Science A Bayesian spatio-temporal model to analyzing the stability of patterns of population distribution in an urban space using mobile phone data Zhensheng Wang, Yang Yue, Biao He, et al. 2020
International Journal of Image and Data Fusion Mapping crop types in fragmented arable landscapes using AVIRIS-NG imagery and limited field data Eric Ariel L. Salas, Sakthi K. Subburayalu, Brian Slater, et al. 2019
Remote Sensing Letters Future land use land cover prediction with special emphasis on urbanization and wetlands Vicky Anand & Bakimchandra Oinam 2019
Remote Sensing Letters A segmented particle swarm optimization convolutional neural network for land cover and land use classification of remote sensing images Yongnian Gao & Qin Li 2019
International Journal of Remote Sensing Discriminating native and plantation forests in a Landsat time-series for land use policy design Thayse Nery, Rohan Sadler, Maria S. Aulestia, et al. 2019
International Journal of Remote Sensing Land-use scene classification based on a CNN using a constrained extreme learning machine Qian Weng, Zhengyuan Mao, Jiawen Lin, et al. 2018

Natural Hazards

Journal Article Authors Year
Annals of GIS Spatial modelling of shallow landslide susceptibility: a study from the southern Western Ghats region of Kerala, India A. L. Achu , C. D. Aju & Rajesh Reghunath 2020
Remote Sensing Letters Evaluating the 2018 extreme flood hazard events in Kerala, India Preet Lal, Aniket Prakash, Amit Kumar, et al. 2020
Remote Sensing Letters Amery Ice Shelf surface snowmelt detected by ASCAT and Sentinel-1 Chunxia Zhou, Lei Zheng, Qizhen Sun, et al. 2019
Geo-spatial Information Science Preliminary identification of earthquake triggered multi-hazard and risk in Pleret Sub-District (Yogyakarta, Indonesia) Aditya Saputra, Christopher Gomez, Ioannis Delikostidis, et al. 2020
Geo-spatial Information Science Application of BeiDou navigation satellite system in emergency rescue of natural hazards: a case study for field geological survey of Qinghai−Tibet plateau Ming Hao, Jianlong Zhang, Ruiqing Niu, et al. 2018
International Journal of Image and Data Fusion Hierarchical clustering approaches for flood assessment using multi-sensor satellite images J. Senthilnath, Shreyas P.B, Ritwik Rajendra, et al. 2018
International Journal of Remote Sensing Automatic extraction of flood inundation areas from SAR images: a case study of Jilin, China during the 2017 flood disaster L. Wan, M. Lie, F. Wang, et al. 2019
International Journal of Remote Sensing Delineation and mapping of coal mine fire using remote sensing data – a review Shanti Swarup Biswal, Simit Raval & Amit Kumar Gorai 2018

Smart Technologies

Journal Article Authors Year
International Journal of Image and Data Fusion Machine learning on high performance computing for urban greenspace change detection: satellite image data fusion approach Nilkamal More , V. B. Nikam & Biplab Banerjee 2020
Annals of GIS BIM/GIS integration for web GIS-based bridge management Junxiang Zhu, Yi Tan, Xiangyu Wang, et al. 2020
International Journal of Geographical Information Science Real-time mapping of natural disasters using citizen update streams Iranga Subasinghe, Silvia Nittel, Michael Cressey, et al. 2019
International Journal of Remote Sensing Moving vehicle detection, tracking and traffic parameter estimation from a satellite video: a perspective on a smarter city Seyed Ali Ahmadi, Arsalan Ghorbanian & Ali Mohammadzadeh 2019
International Journal of Remote Sensing Enhancing remote sensing image retrieval using a triplet deep metric learning network Rui Cao, Qian Zhang, Jiason Zhu, et al. 2019
International Journal of Remote Sensing A comparison of airborne hyperspectral-based classifications of emergent wetland vegetation at Lake Balaton, Hungary Dimitris Stratoulias, Heiko Balzter, András Zlinszky et al. 2018
Remote Sensing Letters Optimization of PSInSAR networks with application to TomoSAR for full detection of single and double persistent scatterers Peifing Ma, Yuzhou Liu, Weixi Wang, et al. 2019
Remote Sensing Letters Use of smart meter readings and nighttime light images to track pixel-level electricity consumption Chengbin Deng, Weiying Lin & Shili Chen 2018
Journal of Spatial Science A new GIS-based technique using an adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system for land subsidence susceptibility mapping Omid Ghorbanzadeh , Thomas Blaschke , Jagannath Aryal, et al. 2018
Cartography and Geographic Information Science Combining machine-learning topic models and spatiotemporal analysis of social media data for disaster footprint and damage assessment Bernd Resch, Florian Usländer & Clemens Havas 2017

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