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Abstract Deadline: May, 4th 2020 | Full Paper Deadline: November, 2020

Special Issue

Religious Education Teachers’ Engagement In and With Research

The issue of religious education (RE) teachers’ engagement in and with research is, whilst complex, of great significance. These two factors, complexity and significance, create the rationale for this proposal for a special issue of BJRE, stimulated in the first instance by current work of the Research7 project supported by Culham St Gabriel’s Trust in the UK.

Partly, the above-mentioned complexity results from first-order questions. What do we mean by research? What is teacher professionalism, how does it relate to academic knowledge and how can it be developed? Partly, the complexity results from changes to education policy and teacher culture over time. The 2010 BJRE special issue on pedagogy to some extent reflected the Stenhouse and Elliott tradition, of teachers developing professional knowledge through curriculum development and action research. Since then, the ‘what works’ approach typified by UK influences such as the Educational Endowment Foundation, ResearchED, and the National Foundation for Educational Research, illustrates, instead, how school managers and teachers identify from research new angles on classroom practice as a basis on which to experiment and take risks. The earlier model sees teachers as researchers, the later model sees teachers as recipients of research.  However, both models live side-by-side. 

The Special Issue will draw on international experience to explore the current situation and insights into future lines of development within the wider RE community. 

This call for papers identifies the following sub-themes, although we welcome contributions on any topic relevant to the title.

Teacher engagement in research:

  • Action research and practitioner inquiry RE projects.
  • RE continuing professional development facilitated by researcher-teacher partnerships.
  • MA and PhD studies carried out by RE teachers.

Teacher engagement with research:

  • Studies on what research influences RE teachers, what they read and how it influences them. To what extent and in what ways are RE teachers distinctive in these respects?
  • Evidence-based RE practice. How do RE teachers understand this? What evidence sources are being used? Examples of evidence-based practice.
  • Disguised or hidden influences of research on RE teachers.

Submission Timeline

Abstracts of 300 words to be sent to [email protected] by Monday 4th May 2020.

Final agreed articles to be submitted by November 2020, for publication Autumn 2021.

Editorial Team

Julian Stern (York St John University)

Vivienne Baumfield (University of Exeter)

Geir Skeie (University of Stavanger and University of Stockholm)

Kevin O’Grady (Culham St Gabriel’s Trust)

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