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Special Issue Call for Papers

Religious Change and Development

Submission deadline
31 December 2019

Guest Editors (besides Heinz Streib as journal editor): Ralph W. Hood, Barbara Keller

The International Journal for the Psychology of Religion is now accepting manuscripts for an open-call, peer-reviewed Special Issue to be published in 2020. Authors are invited to submit manuscripts up to December 31, 2019. Depending on the topic, articles can be theoretical, brief or full reports of original empirical findings, but also replications or Registered Reports. Manuscripts should be compatible with IJPR's aim to publish high-quality psychological studies of religious processes and phenomena in all world religious traditions.

Manuscripts from diverse psychology/neuroscience subdisciplines are welcome, (e.g., from cultural psychology, developmental, social-personality, political psychology, social-cognitive-affective neuroscience, measurement, and others). Studies with innovative methods, nationally representative samples, under-studied populations, or—for contribution about change and development particularly important—longitudinal designs are especially welcome. Research from other fields such as political science, sociology, religious studies, economics, anthropology, communication, and other disciplines could fit, but should make an identifiable contribution to the psychology of religion literature.

Topics may focus generally on the question of how and why the individual religiosity of children, adolescents and adults is changing over the life-span, and how such changes and developments effect, and are effected by, the religious fields in specific cultures. Example research topics could therefore include: conversion, deconversion and re-conversion, continuity and discontinuity of religious identity, dissafiliation, unbelief and irreligiosity. Studies could address how religiosity and religious search is responding to developmental tasks. There is room for rigorous empirical studies about the changes in the understanding of religiosity itself. Research studies about the well-being, mental health and coping processes associated with religious change and development are also welcome.



Submission instructions

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