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Real Estate and Regional Studies

Virtual special issue of Regional Studies

The purpose of this virtual special issue of Regional Studies is to survey some of the key trading zones between regional studies and real estate research.

By drawing together real estate-focused research previously published in the journal, this virtual special issue clarifies the past scope and reflects on the future potential of dialogues between both fields, which to date have broadly come in four different forms:

  • regional variation, change and dynamics through the lens of real estate
  • how real estate dynamics intersect with other regional processes such as mobility, labour markets and so on
  • the regionalisation transpiring out of real estate dynamics
  • advancements to our formative understanding of real estate dynamics

Read the full editorial.

Ben Derudder, Editor of Regional Studies and KU Leuven, Belgium
David Bailey, Editor-in-chief of Regional Studies and Birmingham Business School, UK

Article title Author(s) Volume & Issue Year
Editorial: Real Estate and Regional Studies Ben Derudder & David Bailey 55 (3) 2021
The links between regional house prices and share prices in the UK Rakesh K. Bissoondeeal 55 (2) 2021
The role of tax havens and offshore financial centres in shaping corporate geographies: an industry sector perspective Thomas Sigler, Kirsten Martinus, Iacopo Iacopini & Ben Derudder 54 (5) 2020
Mobility, housing and labour markets in times of economic crises Inmaculada Mohino & José M. Ureña 54 (4) 2020
Understanding the effects of homeownership and regional unemployment levels on internal migration during the economic crisis in Spain Isabel Palomares-Linares & Maarten van Ham 54 (4) 2020
Relationship between income inequality and residential segregation of socioeconomic groups Tiit Tammaru, Szymon Marcin´czak, Raivo Aunap, Maarten van Ham & Heleen Janssen 54 (4) 2020
Expansionary zoning and the strategic behaviour of local governments Miriam Hortas-Rico & Miguel Gómez-Antonio 54 (3) 2020
Does infrastructure spending lead to price effects in the property market? Evidence from major cities across India Xiaoying Deng, Anupam Nanda & Seow Eng Ong 53 (12) 2019
Vacation homes and regional economic development Nicholas Sheard 53 (12) 2019
Regional employment and housing impacts of tax increment financing districts Richard Funderburg 53 (6) 2019
Regional spillover and rising connectedness in China’s urban housing prices Dayong Zhang & Gang-Zhi Fan 53 (6) 2019
The value of culture to urban housing markets Riccardo Borgoni, Alessandra Michelangeli & Nicola Pontarollo 52 (12) 2018
Convergence and divergence in British housing space David Gray 52 (7) 2018
Regional seasonality in Australian house and apartment price returns Abbas Valadkhani, Russell Smyth & Andrew Worthington 51 (10) 2017
Spillover Effect between the Regional and the National Housing Markets in the UK I-Chun Tsai 49 (12) 2015
Explaining the Spatial Variation in Homeownership Rates: Results for German Regions Oliver W. Lerbs & Christian A. Oberst 48 (5) 2014
International Office Investment in Global Cities: The Production of Financial Space and Systemic Risk Colin Lizieri & Kathy Pain 48 (3) 2014
Concordance in Global Office Market Cycles Simon Stevenson, Alexey Akimov, Elaine Hutson & Alexandra Krystalogianni 48 (3) 2014
External Productivity and Utility Effects of City Airports Gabriel M. Ahlfeldt & Wolfgang Maennig 47 (4) 2013
Regional Housing Price Cycles: A Spatio-temporal Analysis Using US State-level Data Todd H. Kuethe & Valerien O. Pede 45 (5) 2011