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Special Issue Call for Papers

Emerging industries: Institutions, legitimacy and system building

Deadline: 1 July 2019

In recent decades, the emergence of internet-related, biotechnology-based and ‘green’ industries has catalyzed significant economic development in regions, nations and globally. While the existing literature has dealt intensively with issues such as how preexisting local assets and industry structures influence the pace and direction of new path development, and the importance of complex interactions between firms and non-firm actors, the institutional aspects of the emergence of industry in regions have not yet attracted the same attention.

This special issue thus aims at bringing together papers analyzing the emergence of new industries in regions from a multi-scalar institutional perspective. We aim for conceptual, methodological and empirical papers that examine the topics of multi-scalar institutional agencies, institutional entrepreneurship, and institutional logics and work. Moreover, the focus will be on legitimation, valuation dynamics and system building activities, which are relevant for the emergence of new industries in regions.

We particularly invite contributions that help to answer one or several of the following research questions:

  • How is legitimacy for emerging industries built up in regions/nations/ internationally?
  • What roles do multiple actors play in (de-)legitimizing emerging industries, including (institutional) entrepreneurs, firms, policy-makers, end-users, and various intermediary actors? What kind of institutional work is necessary thereby?
  • How do legitimation processes for the same industry differ between regions/ countries? And how do such processes vary between industries?
  • What multi-scalar institutional arrangements hinder or support the creation of new industrial paths in a given region? Where, how and at what scale may early entrepreneurs best intervene in these multi-scalar arrangements? 
  • How do the emerging industries differ from the established ones in terms of institutional logics? How do the coexistence, conflicts, and convergence of diverse institutional logics contribute to the dynamics of the emerging industries?
  • What are the common institutional barriers that regional/national policy-makers come across in supporting an emerging industry and how to overcome them?
  • To what extent does copycatting (chasing similar ventures without clear comparative advantages) occur concerning policies to support path creation in regions?

Submission guidelines

Please send your proposal (max. 500 words) to the organizers by July 1st 2019. Notification about further consideration of contributions (subject to the journal’s usual peer review process) will be given by July 19th 2019. Full papers will be expected by December 20th 2019. For more information on submitting your article, please visit the Instructions for Authors page.

Please submit your proposal to Huiwen Gong: gong@geographie.uni-kiel.de

Editorial information

  • Guest Editor: Christian Binz, Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology
  • Guest Editor: Huiwen Gong, Kiel University
  • Guest Editor: Robert Hassink, Kiel University
  • Guest Editor: Michaela Trippl, University of Vienna

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