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Consumer Neurosciences - Recent Advances and Future Trends

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31 December 2019

Call for Papers

Predicting consumer behaviour has proven difficult despite well-designed traditional market
research measures. Advances in the neurosciences have not only demonstrated the inner workings
of the brain, but have been able to demonstrate and quantify emotional and cognitive processes
associated with decision-making. In particular, they have been able to highlight the role of emotion
and unconscious processes in decision-making and consumer choice. Nonetheless, consumer
neuroscience is still an emerging field but with limited sound methodological research and design
guidelines spanning the fields of social psychology, marketing, and cognitive neuroscience.

Also, applications of neuromarketing to improve the quality of life for the community have been
scarce. Areas such as community welfare, the effects of sports fanaticism, drunk driving, impact of
social media, understanding conservation and charitable behaviors, and community health have not
been explored fully. As such, the use of traditional marketing techniques and the inclusion of
consumer neuroscience in improving health communications has been limited. The developing
field of consumer neuroscience may be useful in developing the correct approach and research, to
design better health communications, which may help to save a life, while reducing expenditure
on unsuccessful campaigns.

This special issue provides an opportunity to report current neuroscience studies that aim to
identify the potential use of neuroscience tools to analyze public health and social cause marketing

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Editorial Information

Guest Editors

Prof. M. Kabir Hassan
College of Business Administration
University of New Orleans, USA

Dr. Andino Maseleno
Managing Guest Editor
Institute of Informatics and Computing Energy
Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia

Prof. Dr. Mirjana Pejic-Bach
Faculty of Economics & Business
Zagreb, University of Zagreb, Croatia

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