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Politics and Diplomacy of China as a Major Power

Journal of Contemporary East Asia Studies Special Issue Call for Papers

Deadline: 30 August 2020

In line with China’s emergence as a major power, there have been new changes in Chinese domestic politics, as well as China’s foreign action. The main purpose of this special issue is to depict these changes. China has presented a number of concepts, such as the China dream, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, community of shared future for mankind (or community of common destiny), China’s proposition, great country (强国) under socialism with Chinese Characteristics. Moreover, China claims to contribute to the improvement of global governance and development. The major question is what kind of a country that is. Further, while China’s awareness of itself as a major power strengthens, it is important to accurately grasp what the major power as presented by China actually is. These are the questions this volume seeks to dwell into. Specifically, the collection of articles looks into the domestic politics of China, its foreign policy, mainly, the effects that strengthening Xi Jinping’s political authority has on Chinese foreign policy, and also bilateral, such as policies towards Taiwan, and international dimensions of Chinese foreign policy.

Journal of Contemporary East Asia Studies

Language: en-UK

Publisher: Routledge

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Submission guidelines

Submission Deadline: 30th August, 2020

Submissions for special issues, should be made via the journal’s Editorial Manager website found here. When making your submission, authors will be presented with an option to specify that your paper is for a special issue, and will be able to choose the special issue 'Politics and Diplomacy of China as a Major Power ' from a drop down menu.



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Published on 10th December 2019. Last updated on 12th December 2019.

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