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Read Top Music Research.

Since the 1800s, Routledge has been a leading publisher in Arts & Humanities. Now, during National Arts & Humanities month in 2019, we are continuing the tradition of bringing you cutting-edge research and showing our support of the Arts. In honor of the American Musicological Society annual meeting, we hope to inspire you with top-tier Music research.

Our collection of Music journals spans across time periods, genres, and disciplines. Please find below the top-read articles from the past year across some of our most prestigious journals, free to access through January 2020. We hope you enjoy the collection!

Read the collection.

Journal of Musicological ResearchUnholy Progeny: Psychic TV and Witch House at the Crossroads of Occultism in the Information Age
by Daniel Siepmann

“Primitive Sounds”: An Examination of the Conflicting Discourse in the Early British Reception of Igor Stravinsky’s Russian Ballets
by Rachel Howerton
Contemporary Music ReviewComposing Clémence in L’amour de loin
by Joy H. Calico

On Vocal Assemblages: From Edison to Miku
by Nick Prior
Popular Music and SocietyGender on the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart, 1996–2016
by Jada Watson

I Ain’t Sorry: Beyoncé, Serena, and Hegemonic Hierarchies in Lemonade
by Sarah Olutola
Rock Music StudiesBob Marley: Recorded, Recoded, and Revisited
by Mike Alleyne

Scratching the Stones of Rock and Roll: Love Lyrics in the Times of the Argentinian Dictatorship
by Carolina Abello Onofre
Jazz PerspectivesThe Paradox of Progress: Jazz, Resistance, and Black Musical Labor in Pittsburgh (1955–1974)
by Colter Harper

Quyền Văn Minh and the Birth of Vietnamese Jazz
by Stan B.H. Tan-Tangbau & Quyền Văn Minh
Journal of New Music ResearchMachine learning research that matters for music creation: A case study
by Bob L. Sturm, Oded Ben-Tal, Úna Monaghan, Nick Collins, Dorien Herremans, Elaine Chew, Gaëtan Hadjeres, Emmanuel Deruty, & François Pachet

Musical agents: A typology and state of the art towards Musical Metacreation
by Kıvanç Tatar & Philippe Pasquier
MuzikiA Brief History of TV and TV Music Practice in Nigeria
by Emaeyak Peter Sylvanus

Music Performance Anxiety, Perfectionism and Its Manifestation in the Lived Experiences of Singer-Teachers
by Conroy Cupido
Journal of the Musical Arts in AfricaA historical review of the evolution of music education in Nigeria until the end of the twentieth century
by Adebowale Oluranti Adeogun

Leveraging poetry on the airwaves: appropriating linguistic creativity in Nigerian hip hop lyrics
by Niyi Akingbe & Paul Ayodale Onanuga
Musicology AustraliaFrom Skyrim to Skellige: Fantasy Video Game Music Within a Neo-Mediaevalist Paradigm
by Brendan Lamb & Barnabas Smith

‘The Whole Work is Full of Primitive Rhythms’: The Folk-Primitivist Origins of Peter Sculthorpe’s National Music
by Rachel Campbell
Ethnomusicology Forum‘Folds of the heart’: performing life experience, emotion and empathy in Japanese tango music culture
by Yuiko Asaba

Cracking the code: recordings, transmission, players, and smiths in the Norwegian munnharpe revival
by Deirdre Morgan