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Announcement: Editors’ Choice paper prize

The Curriculum Journal

The Editors are delighted to announce the winner of the Editors’ Choice paper prize for Volume 28 (2017):

L. V. Shcherba: a ‘new slant’ on modern foreign languages in the school curriculum?
Olga Campbell-Thomson
Volume 28, Issue 4

Also shortlisted were:

Reconsidering school politics: educational controversies in Sweden
Axel Fredholm
Volume 28, Issue 1

A story of culture and teaching: the complexity of teacher identity formation
F.C.E. Edwards & R.J. Edwards
Volume 28, Issue 2

Teaching for equity: insights from international evidence with implications for a teacher education curriculum
Lexie Grudnoff, Mavis Haigh, Mary Hill, Marilyn Cochran-Smith, Fiona Ell & Larry Ludlow
Volume 28, Issue 3

Criteria for selection are as follows:


  • Originality of contribution with an emphasis on innovation in one or more of the following, theoretical development, empirical work or policy development.

Academic Rigour:

  • Quality of argument including critical analysis of concepts, theories and findings and coherence of argument
  • Clarity of position including clear contextualisation of the paper in international literature, author’s/s’ position and convincing conclusion

Writing Style:

  • Clarity of writing style, readability and organisation

Significance to the Journal:

  •  Has the potential to make a significant contribution to knowledge related to the educational phases that impact on children from the early years to adulthood in the context of the journal aims in relation to the curriculum.

Editors of The Curriculum JournalLouise Hayward, Steve Higgins, Kay Livingston, Dominic Wyse

The Curriculum Journal

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