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Racism Pandemic and Anti-Racist Action in Group Work

Open Call for Papers

Recently, the President of the American Psychological Association stated that we are living in a "racism pandemic" (APA, 2020) in response to the ongoing murders of Black lives, including the police murder of George Floyd caught on video and watched by millions, as well as continued systemic disparities made more visible and exacerbated by COVID-19. As communities react nationally, and around the world, this appears to be a critical moment in history. Group therapists and scholars may have unique contributions to make to current discourse given our collective interest in group dynamics, relationships, and systems of power. The International Journal of Group Psychotherapy solicits papers on topics that consider the numerous ways in which group interventions are used to address the following: racism, anti-Blackness, intersectional racism and violence, white supremacy, racist policing and police violence, and anti-racist action. Specifically, for best consideration, IJGP invites the following types of papers germane to these topics:

  • Original empirical research examining effectiveness, efficacy, and/or other important processes and outcomes of such group work
  • Research-based systematic reviews of existing literature related to such group work
  • Research and theory-informed conceptual or case-study papers of such group work
  • Scholarly personal narrative grounded in the relevant literatures that articulates clear directions for future scholarship for the field
  • Detailed historical accounts of the development (and/or absence) of anti-racist work in the cannon of group therapy scholarship
  • Detailed research, theory, and policy-informed examination of the ethical and social justice issues involved in the racism pandemic and in anti-racist work as it pertains to group work
  • Book, video, or webinar reviews related to racism, anti-Blackness, and/or anti-racist work in psychotherapy groups


American Psychological Association. (2020, May 29). "We are living in a racism pandemic" [Press release]. Retrieved from https://www.apa.org/news/press/releases/2020/05/racism-pandemic 

There is no deadline for this open call for papers. For questions, please contact the Editor, Jill D. Paquin, [email protected].

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