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Karrin Vasby Anderson, Editor-Elect, is now accepting submissions

The Quarterly Journal of Speech

Editorial Information

Karrin Vasby Anderson, Colorado State University


Quarterly Journal of Speech

The Quarterly Journal of Speech publishes original scholarship and book reviews that take a rhetorical approach to diverse texts, discourses, and cultural practices through which public beliefs, norms, identities, institutions, affects, and actions are constituted, empowered, enacted, and circulated. Rhetorical scholarship traverses and mobilizes many different intellectual, archival, disciplinary, and political vectors, traditions, and methods, and QJS seeks to honor and engage such differences. 

Those of us who identify as scholars and teachers of rhetoric have a responsibility to interrogate and learn from the past, understand and intervene productively in the present, and construct a future that respects human rights and preserves human community. Our current cultural and political moment is one that urgently needs rhetorical perspectives. People in power flout norms of ethical engagement, democratic practices are undermined, free speech is under attack, and communities are fracturing. Voices that historically have been silenced or ignored are responding to these challenges with courage and creativity, even as their increasingly consequential efforts are met by backlash. As a venue for critical assessment and theoretical innovation, QJS creates a unique and vital scholarly community.

Our dialogue with one another is a robust and sometimes rowdy conversation, with diverse and divergent perspectives represented. My aim, as editor of QJS, is to facilitate a lively, ethical, and expansive scholarly exchange. I am mindful of the fact that this conversation historically has been bounded too narrowly, with too many voices and perspectives shuttled to the periphery or excluded altogether. Important strides have been made in this journal’s recent history, and I am eager to publish work that not only engages the rhetorical tradition but also challenges, interrogates, and even upends aspects of that tradition.

The full aim and scope of the journal, as well as submission instructions, are available here. Prospective authors should attend closely to those specifications, including manuscript preparation, style, and word count limits. Essays should be submitted in MS Word, should be approximately 9,000 words long (manuscripts longer than 12,000 words will be returned without review), and should adhere to the T&F Chicago Endnotes and Bibliography reference style Essays published in QJS should feature artful prose understandable to readers with diverse scholarly training and interests.


Manuscripts submitted to QJS must not be under review elsewhere or have appeared in any other published forms. Upon notification of acceptance, authors must assign copyright to the National Communication Association and provide copyright clearance for any copyrighted materials.

Questions about the journal, its editorial policies, or the submission process can be directed to the editor.

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