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Quality Engineering publishes research on the analysis, design, quality control and optimization of reliable and robust innovative engineering processes.

With the option to publishing open access, the journal provides an excellent opportunity to obtain a second publication from your research by publishing a data note that is derived from your underlying data. 

What is a data note?

Data notes concisely describe your research data to increase the visibility and transparency of your research, and are peer-reviewed to support the reuse of valuable research data. 

Data notes do not include any analyses or conclusions but may be linked to a traditional Research Article reporting analysis of the published dataset, as well as the results and conclusions. Data notes should include:

  • Dataset rationale, protocol, and validation details

  • Information about any limitations of the dataset

  • Information on where and how to access the dataset, as part of a Data Availability Statement

  • Reference to the dataset using a formal citation

  • Where applicable, cite and summarize any previous publications that use the data presented

Why submit to Quality Engineering?

Publishing a data note in Quality Engineering enables you to:

  • Reach new audiences for your research by publishing under an open model.

  • Foster new collaborations across disciplines by making your data freely accessible.

  • Ensure appropriate credit for your research data with a citable publication.

  • Retain ownership by publishing using a creative commons license. 

Before you submit your research, please read and adhere to our our Instructions for Authors.

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