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A Q&A with Thomas Foster, Editor in Chief

Interested in contributing an article?

S. Thomas Foster Jr, Editor in Chief of Quality Management Journal

Tom talks to us about the kind of research the journal publishes, how the journal helps authors to make an impact with their research, and how the journal offers a different perspective on Quality Management.


Aims & Scope

What is Quality Management Journal about?

The Quality Management Journal publishes rigorous empirical research that is of interest to a research and practitioner audience. Our papers cover a variety of topics relating to the field of quality management.  Research that is cutting-edge and helps to inform practice is especially sought. 


What is the journal looking to achieve?

We want to be the go-to source for current research in the field of Quality Management. 


What subject areas are you most excited to cover in the journal?

I am most excited to cover Quality Management, Service Quality, Supply Chain Quality, Environmental Quality, Quality Management Systems, Global Quality, Organizing for Improvement, and related topics. 


What is one of the most memorable pieces of research you’ve published in the last few years?

The Effectiveness of ISO 9001-Based Healthcare Accreditation Surveyors and Standards on Hospital Performance Outcomes: A Balanced Scorecard Perspective by William J. Ritchie, John Ni, Eric M. Stark & Steven A. Melnyk

This article makes a contribution in the ISO 9000 and healthcare space.  The researchers are very careful in their theoretical development and methods.  They survey 88 hospitals and link quality practices with outcomes.  This is importance to quality management researchers and practitioners. 


How do you see open access publication shaping quality management research?

Open Access Journals make research available to the larger academic and practitioner worlds, so anyone can access the research anywhere in the world, at any time. Thus, we can disseminate top quality knowledge more widely and increase citations as well. 


How is Quality Management Journal going to address problems in a new and innovative way?

Quality Management continues to be top of mind for CEOs, Operations Managers, Supply Chain Managers, and others.  As the world changes, the Quality Management Journal will be there to help explain those changes. 


What is the benefit of publishing in Quality Management Journal rather than in another related journal? In other words, what makes Quality Management Journal special?

The Quality Management Journal is rigorous and publishes articles that are of importance to and used by both academia and industry professionals. It’s fairly special to have such a diverse group interacting with our content.


What support can you give authors and researchers who are hoping to publish in your journal?

We attempt to develop our researchers and to provide rapid feedback to authors that will help improve them as researchers.  We also give researchers an opportunity to serve as reviewers.  In some ways, we help to shape the field in terms of research. 


What advice would you give to an early career researcher about how to get a head start in their career/how to get published?

Do careful work and submit to journals that are appropriate for the work you are doing.  Meet with editors at conferences and get to know them.  Senior people are generally very happy to mentor and to give aid to younger researchers. 


How can someone who would like to publish in Quality Management Journal go about doing so?

Manuscripts should be submitted directly on-line via our submission system. For information on all types of contributions please go to the journal Aims & Scope,  for details on how to submit a manuscript, please see the Instructions for Authors.

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