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Routledge Anthropology Journals

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Routledge Anthropology Journals cover extensive and diverse areas of research, including food and nutrition, folklore traditions, human and animal interactions, and visual and medical anthropology.

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We are delighted to bring you a sample of recently published articles to assist you in exploring the full breadth of our Anthropology journals and finding the journal that best suits your work. We hope you enjoy this selection of must-read research.

Article title Author(s) Journal
“Is Irish Stew the only kind of stew we can afford to make, mother?” The history of a recipe Dorothy Cashman & John Farrelly Folk Life: Journal of Ethnological Studies
When Animals Talk Back Don Kulick Anthropology Now
Tracing silences: Towards an anthropology of the unspoken and unspeakable Ana Dragojlovic & Annemarie Samuels History and Anthropology
Feeding Babies at the Beginnings of Urbanization in Central Europe Katharina Rebay-Salisbury, Julie Dunne, Roderick B. Salisbury, Daniela Kern, Alexander Frisch & Richard P. Evershed Childhood in the Past
Curators, objects and the indigenous agency Markéta Křížová Reviews in Anthropology
Merging care and prevention: preventive properties of antiretroviral drugs and HIV chronification in the case of Switzerland Noëllie Genre & Francesco Panese Anthropology & Medicine
Antibiotics and the Biopolitics of Sex Work in Zimbabwe Salome Manyau, Justin Dixon, Norest Mutukwa, Faith Kandiye, Paula Palanco Lopez, Eleanor E. MacPherson, Rashida A. Ferrand & Clare I. R. Chandler Medical Anthropology
Portrayals of Animals in COVID-19 News Media Jes Hooper, Thomas Aiello & Kristine Hill Anthrozoös

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Folk Life
Folk Life examines traditional life, folk art, language, architecture, customs, beliefs, crafts, and costumes in Great Britain and Ireland.
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Anthropology Now
Publishes research-based articles, book, film and exhibit reviews, photo essays and commentaries sharing anthropological knowledge with general readers.
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History and Anthropology
Publishes research in history and anthropology covering ethnographic and anthropological representation, colonial history, and social and economic change.
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Childhood in the Past
Publishes research that furthers the knowledge and understanding of experience of children and childhood in the past.
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Reviews in Anthropology
Publishes in-depth commentary and review of new books in anthropology, including biological, cultural, archaeological, and linguistic anthropology.
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Anthropology & Medicine
Publishes research on the interrelationship between culture and health that examines medicine, health and illness in an anthropological context.
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Medical Anthropology
An international journal publishing research on medical anthropology including the social patterns of ill-health and disease transmission.
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Anthrozoös studies the relationships between people and animals across areas as varied as anthropology, medicine, psychology, veterinary medicine and zoology.
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