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Since 1852, Taylor & Francis has provided a home for validated, trusted research.

Published under the Routledge, Taylor & Francis, F1000 Research, and Dove Press brands, our approach to publishing has a human-centered focus. 

Taylor & Francis can help you to make an impact and further your career by supporting you to find the right home for publishing your research.

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Why publish with us?

1. High visibility and discoverability of your work via Taylor & Francis Online.

2. A wide choice of high-quality publication options with rigorous peer-review processes.

3. Easy publication process and format-free submission options.

4. Expert editorial board members from around the globe.

5. Rapid online publication options.

Research your publishing options

Taking the time to explore all your options before submission helps ensure your research fits the scope of your selected journal or platform and reaches your target audience.

Learn about choosing where to publish

Find the right home for your article

Paste your article abstract into our Journal Suggester for a list of journals to consider, helping you find the best home for your research. 

Find the best home for your research

Consider open access options

Whether you want to increase the discoverability and use of your research, freely share your work with anyone, anywhere, or comply with funder mandates – we have a variety of options to meet your unique needs. 

Learn about open access options

Publish without delays

Consider publishing with F1000Research, a fully open access publishing platform offering publication in as few as 14 days, with post-publication peer review creating an open dialogue between authors and their research community.

Learn more about F1000Research

Discover our brands

Taylor & Francis Online brings together over 2,700 journals, including cutting-edge theoretical and applied Science, Technology and Medicine journals.

DovePress are open access specialists with a focus on publishing medicine in a suite of peer-reviewed journals.

F1000Research is an open access platform that is challenging thinking on how research should be published, with an open and transparent peer review process and the option to publish all research data including null results and data notes.

Publication needn't be daunting

We’re here to support you through every step of your research publishing journey.

Visit our Author Services site for all the information you need to navigate your way through the publishing process, from drafting your article through to promoting your article after publication.

If you would like more help or you have a specific question about your publishing journey please contact us here.

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