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Editorial Information

Clare A. Simmons, The Ohio State University
[email protected]

Reviews Editor:
David Witzling, Manhattan College

Prose Studies

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Launched in 1977, Prose Studies is an international forum of debate and discussion of the history, theory and criticism of non-fictional prose from both past and present.

Broad and ranging in scope, Prose Studies publishes pieces on the study of all genres of non-fiction including: autobiography, biography, essays, journals, letters and sermons, we would welcome submissions on all these and more!  

Subjects of study may include but are certainly not limited to:

  • Victorian science writing
  • Narratives of conflict and identity in the 21st century
  • Ecocriticism
  • Time, space and gender in life writing
  • Religious writing
  • Pamphlets, periodicals and social media as non-fiction prose

Further to the above we would be interested in seeing pieces of an interdisciplinary nature, as well as articles on non-canonical texts and essays on theory and practice of discourse.

As well as individual articles, we are also looking for proposals for special issues. Previous examples from the journal have included:

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Submission Instructions

We would welcome submissions of original, academic essays of no more 9000 words, on any topic relating to the study of prose. To help inspire your research, please enjoy the below collection of most read articles over the past few years.

Please direct all special issue queries and proposals to the Academic Editor.

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