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Publishing and the Publicly Engaged Humanities

Articles selected by the National Humanities Alliance in partnership with Routledge, Taylor & Francis

By Daniel Fisher, National Humanities Alliance

Across the humanities, faculty and students are engaging communities with their research, teaching, preservation, and programming. In Humanities for All, the National Humanities Alliance (NHA) documents and presents over 1,500 examples of this work in US higher education. These publicly engaged humanities initiatives enrich community life and advance scholarship, opening new and more inclusive horizons for the humanities.

This collection brings together previously published articles featuring publicly engaged humanities scholarship from across the Routledge, Taylor & Francis program. Together, they show how public engagement can lead to—and indeed enhance—publication, a core expectation for faculty promotion and tenure in the humanities. They are also a testament to how publishing can raise the profile of the processes, outcomes, and overall impact of publicly engaged humanities initiatives.

Article TitleAuthor(s)JournalVolume and IssueYear
Rethinking historical practice and community engagement: researching together with ‘youth historians’Barry M. GoldenbergRethinking History 23 (1)2019
#OurChangingClimate: Building Networks of Community Resilience Through Social Media and DesignSheryl-Ann Simpson, N. Claire Napawan & Brett SnyderGeoHumanities5 (1)2019
The moral fabric of linguicide: un-weaving trauma narratives and dependency relationships in Indigenous language reclamationShelbi Nahwilet MeissnerJournal of Global Ethics14 (2)2018
Remembering Emmett Till: Reflections on Geography, Race, and MemoryDave TellAdvances in the History of Rhetoric20 (2)2017
Remembering the age of mass incarcerationLiz ŠevčenkoMuseums & Social Issues 12 (1)2017
For Public Communication: Promises and Perils of Public EngagementJohn DowneyJavnost – The Public24 (2)2017
Notes from the Transcription Desk: Visualising Public EngagementSusan Schreibman, Vinayak Das Gupta & Neale RooneyEnglish Studies98 (5)2017
Field School Archaeology the Mohegan Way: Reflections on Twenty Years of Community-Based Research and TeachingCraig N. Cipolla & James QuinnJournal of Community Archaeology & Heritage 3 (2)2016
Community development through reconciliation tourism: The behind the Big House Program in Holly Springs, MississippiJodi Skipper Community Development47 (4)2016
Teaching New Orleans: A Cultural Immersion and Service Learning Travel CourseWade J. Luquet College Teaching
57 (2)2009

The publications in this collection include a range of formats, including case studies and considerations of publicly engaged projects in the context of larger disciplinary and interdisciplinary studies. Significantly, published publicly engaged humanities scholarship comes from across humanities disciplines and appears in a variety of Routledge, Taylor & Francis journals—ranging from primary disciplinary journals to journals devoted to engagement with social issues, innovative scholarship, pedagogy, and community development. The breadth in disciplinary background, format, and venue is encouraging, suggesting that scholars should consider different approaches to publishing both in their disciplines and in connection with their work’s areas of impact.

For more information and additional reading, please visit the Humanities for All website.

Daniel Fisher (PhD, UC Berkeley) is a Project Director at the National Humanities Alliance. He leads Humanities for All, NHA’s initiative to document and promote publicly engaged humanities work in US higher education.


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