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Deadline: 30 September 2019

Risk management and management accounting in the public sector:

Emerging issues and future research perspectives

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) started to emerge in the early 2000s as risk management shifted from a preoccupation with financial auditing in the 1980s to the functions of management and their control systems. Management accounting and control systems in private sector organizations started to get involved in risk-based process changes and related management practices. This has now extended to public sector agencies where the management of risk goes beyond organizational boundaries to include environmental, societal and economic risks affecting the security and wellbeing of citizens. Practitioners are now exploring ways of integrating specific and shared risks into management accounting systems, performance management systems, and strategy formulations. Researchers have touched on this development by examining how risk apparatuses sit with public sector reform programmes. However, we need to have a better understanding of risk-based organizational practices, processes and their relationships with management accounting systems. Particularly important is their (un)intended consequences in relation to mundane practices, as well as their implications and directions for policy (re)formulation.

Our PMM theme aims to bridge the gaps between academic research and the practices of risk management in the public sector looking at policy developments and best practices. We plan to provide new insights into existing practices and processes of risk management their relationships with management accounting, as well as an important guide to best practices. We welcome articles based on both empirical and theoretical material, and from a variety of methodological and practical perspectives. Articles should draw on new ideas of public sector governance, management controls, and accountability and offer narrative stories, case studies, survey results, reviews and reflections on policy formulations.

Topics we will cover include:

  • Current trends in risk management literature about public sector practices.
  • How formal and informal risk management practices emerge and interact with the management of risks.
  • The behavioural effects of risk management practices on managers and public servants.
  • How risk is associated with public sector agencies’ services, projects and programmes.
  • The management and control of shared risks in the context of public-private-partnerships and formal/informal networks.
  • How risk management practices link to management accounting, performance measurement, strategic decision-making, and innovation processes in the public sector.
  • The role of management accountants in the construction of integrated risk management practices.
  • Effects of exogenous conditions such as funding uncertainty, budget pressures, and legislative dimensions in the design and use of integrated risk management.
  • How accounting is implicated in the (dis)integration of risk management systems.
  • Reflections on policy reforms and best practices concerning how risk management can be linked to such reforms and practices.

Submission Guidelines

PMM publishes 8000-word research papers, 2500-word new development articles, and 1000-word debate articles. See PMM's Instructions for Authors for more information about preparing a paper for PMM. Research papers will be double-blind refereed. 

Papers for consideration should be submitted by 30 September 2019 to Dr. Tarek Rana, RMIT University.

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Guest Editors:

  • Tarek Rana, RMIT University
  • Danture Wickramasinghe, University of Glasgow
  • Enrico Bracci, University of Ferrara

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