Public Management portfolio top cited articles 2020

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Public Management Journals - Top Cited Articles

Below is a selection of recent highly cited articles from Routledge's Public Management / Public Administration journals.

Enjoy these articles with free-access via this page only until December 31, 2020.

Article Title Authors Journal Volume & Issue Year
Independent Budget Offices and the Politics–Administration Dichotomy Usman W. Chohan International Journal of Public Administration 41 (12) 2018
Constructing Hegemony in Global Politics. A Discourse–Theoretical Approach to Policy Analysis Joscha Wullweber Administrative Theory & Praxis 41 (2) 2019
Social Construction and the Criminalization of Identity: State-Sanctioned Oppression and an Unethical Administration Tia Sherèe Gaynor Public Integrity 20 (4) 2018
Performance Management in Public Higher Education: Unintended Consequences and the Implications of Organizational Diversity Chris Birdsall Public Performance & Management Review 41 (4) 2018
Policy work and capacities in a developing country: evidence from the Philippines Kidjie Saguin, M. Ramesh & Michael Howlett Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration 40 (1) 2018
Performance management 40 years on: a review. Some key decisions and consequences Christopher Pollitt Public Money & Management 38 (3) 2018
Public–private partnership in Public Administration discipline: a literature review Huanming Wang, Wei Xiong, Guangdong Wu & Dajian Zhu Public Management Review 20 (2) 2018
Work engagement in public hospitals: a social exchange approach Alessandro Ancarani, Carmela Di Mauro, Maria Daniela Giammanco & Giuseppe Giammanco International Review of Public Administration 23 (1) 2018
The Leader–Follower Dyad: The Link Between Leader and Follower Perceptions of Transformational Leadership and Its Impact on Job Satisfaction and Organizational Performance Jonathan Muterera, David Hemsworth, Anahita Baregheh & Blanca Rosa Garcia-Rivera International Public Management Journal 21 (1) 2018
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