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Global Health Action is an international journal publishing research in the field of global health, addressing transnational health and policy issues. 

Publishes critically engaged research on public health, health promotion, sociology, and psychology and explores oppression, equity and social justice in health.

Disseminates interprofessional research in health and social care, encompassing interprofessional education (IPE), and collaborative practice.

Health Systems & Reform publishes Open Access research and policy analysis on health system performance, management and equity around the globe.
Global Public Health publishes research into public health, health access and global health policies, development, inequalities and management.

Publishes research exploring race and ethnic public health, medical, epidemiological, sociological, behavioral, psychological, and cultural issues.

Culture, Health & Sexuality publishes on the cultural aspects of sexuality, sex and gender expression; pleasure, rights and respect; and violence and inequality.

The Journal of Sex Research publishes research into the scientific study of sexuality, spanning the disciplines of psychology, education and allied health.

More Top Research:

We studied the Amsterdam Sexual Pleasure Inventory’s (1.0) psychometric properties. The ASPI, a revised self-report battery designed to measure domains of state and trait sexual pleasure in diverse gender, sex, and relationship populations, is based on a recently proposed conceptual framework of sexual pleasure. We collected quantitative (n = 1371) and qualitative data (n = 637) using a cross-sectional multi-method design targeting the general (German-speaking) population.

Women across the globe have been subject to female genital cutting (FGC), with the highest rates in Somalia. FGC can result in sexual concerns, especially sexual pain and lower pleasure. Due to ongoing civil war and climate disasters, there is a large number of Somali immigrants and refugees living in countries where healthcare providers may be unfamiliar with the impact of FGC.

Recognizing that social forces shape sexual behavior and sexual identities, we examined whether the recent liberalization in attitudes toward same-sex relationships has been accompanied by changes in sexual orientation as indicated by sexual behavior and sexual orientation identity.

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