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    “To aspiring women in STEM or academia, my advice is to embrace your passions, seek mentors, build a strong network, and never underestimate your abilities. Stay resilient, speak up for yourself, and remember that your unique perspective adds value to the field.”

    – Dr Farah Jemili, Author, Journal of Information and Telecommunication
    Read her article Towards data fusion-based big data analytics for intrusion detection

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        Engineering Journals

        An artificial intelligence transformation model – pod redesign of photomasks in semiconductor manufacturing
        by Shu-Kai S. Fan, Ming-Shen Chen, Chia-Yu Hsu et al.

        Systematic comparison of digital maturity assessment models
        by Bruno Cognet, Jean-Philippe Pernot, Louis Rivest et al.

        Digitalizing Circular Economy through Blockchains: The Blockchain Circular Economy Index
        by Davide Basile, Idiano D’Adamo, Valerio Goretti & Paolo Rosa

          Meet The Editor Series

          Get an in-depth look at our editors’ perspectives on research, career advice and the intricacies of their daily work in their respective domains.

          Professor Marcelo H. Ang Jr

          Professor Marcelo H. Ang Jr Read Interview

          Professor Yusuke Uchiyama at AOGS 2023 Annual Meeting, Singapore, August 2023

          Professor Yusuke Uchiyama
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          Prof Masato’s dedicated team of researchers celebrating a graduation in March 2023.

          Professor Masato Yamamura
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          “While Coastal Engineering may not be “rocket science”, its significance cannot be understated. It calls for a combination of specialized expertise to fill crucial niches and the courage to explore new frontiers.”

          – Professor Yusuke Uchiyama, Editor-in-Chief of Coastal Engineering Journal

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                “Electromagnetism, meaning the motion and dynamic of charges and currents, is governed in the most general way by Maxwell’s equations.”

                – The Science and Technology of Particle Accelerators

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                Filled with eBooks on practical applications, this compilation houses a wide range of valuable works—including the bestselling Civil Engineering Handbook—that serve the research needs of civil, structural, and geotechnical engineers as well as infrastructure managers and architects.

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                Industry 4.0 – Curated

                This e-book collection provides a sampling of CRC Press/Taylor and Francis’ selection of key titles covering the many topics within Industry 4.0. It provides manufacturers a source of information that puts traditional manufacturing and engineering practices together with current technological advancements.

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                Data Science – Curated

                Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of the field, this ebook collection brings together titles from statistics, computer science, IT, and business. The books in this collection present research and applications in the field, including new statistical and computational techniques.

                AI Salt Sand

                Blog: Is AI bad for the environment?

                Artificial intelligence benefits the environment in countless ways. But AI and its associated infrastructure can have negative direct and indirect impacts on the environment too. This article explores these potential impacts.

                Women in STEM

                Blog: Inspirational Women in STEM

                12 women working in STEM highlight the experts and pioneers in science, tech, engineering, and math who have influenced them. Find out about these exceptional women, and how they’ve inspired others.

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