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Dedicated to the understanding and advancement of Physics, Chemistry and Material Sciences and Engineering disciplines such as Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, our extensive Physical Sciences and Engineering portfolio aims to provide researchers and academics with the resources they need to stay informed and advance their knowledge in the field.  

Our commitment to the understanding and advancement of physical science and engineering is reflected in the breadth and depth of our collection written by experts in the field, and publications in partnership with numerous organizations. Our range of journals, books and e-books aims to give easy access to the latest specialist content so that researchers, academics and practitioners can keep up to date with the latest innovations in the discipline. 

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    Meet The Editor Series

    Professor Marcelo Ang, Editor of Advanced Robotics

    Meet the Editor: Professor Marcelo H. Ang Jr

    In our interview with Prof. Marcelo Ang, Editor of Advanced Robotics, we discover how AI robots are an essential counterpart for humanity today and in the future. He shares his passion of work and personal advice for early researchers in this field.

    Professor Yusuke Uchiyama at AOGS 2023 Annual Meeting, Singapore, August 2023

    Meet the Editor: Professor Yusuke Uchiyama

    We speak to Prof. Yusuke Uchiyama, Editor-in-Chief of Coastal Engineering Journal about his insights as to why Coastal Engineering is a vital field of study and practice. He also shares his thoughts on the impact of radioactivity on marine life in relation to the 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident.

    Prof Masato’s dedicated team of researchers celebrating a graduation in March 2023.

    Meet the Editor: Professor Masato Yamamura

    We speak to Prof. Masato Yamamura, Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan about his research on coating and drying of thin films involving micro and nano-structures, its challenges and the future of coating technology.

    Professor Yeong-Wai-Yee

    Meet the Editor: Professor Yeong Wai Yee

    In this edition of our series, we speak to Prof. Yeong Wai Yee, Associate Editor of Virtual and Physical Prototyping as she shares how we can encourage more women to pursue careers in STEM and what we can look forward to in the future with 3D Bioprinting.

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    Open Access Journals

    Bayesian Optimization for Favourable Suspension Culture of Orbitally Shaken Bioreactors with a Hollow Cylinder Wall
    Liya Wang, Yasunori Okano, Ikki Horiguchi & Jiangao Zhang

    Ammonia Methanation of Carbon Dioxide with a Hybrid Catalyst
    Hitoshi Saima, Reiji Sunamoto, Hiroki Miyaoka & Takayuki Ichikawa

    Adsorption Equilibria of Propyl Acetate on Activated Carbon Under Supercritical CO2 Conditions
    Eisuke Matsumoto, Mahmoud Magdy Azim, Shigeki Takishima & Ikuo Ushiki

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    Open Access Books

    One-Dimensional Polymeric Nanocomposites

    One-Dimensional Polymeric Nanocomposites

    The Usage and Impact of ICTs during the Covid-19 Pandemic

    Smart CMOS Image Sensors and Applications

    Smart CMOS Image Sensors and Applications

    The Workplace of the Future

    Spotlight on Fukushima: Exploring the Legacy and Lessons of the 2011 Nuclear Disaster

    Despite approval by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that the recent release of Fukushima’s wastewater is safe, the decision has reignited debates and concerns surrounding radiation, environmental contamination, and the long-term impact on ecosystems and human health. The aftermath of the 2011 incident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant continues to resonate globally. It is imperative that academic research plays a vital role in fostering international dialogue, facilitating knowledge exchange, and informing policy improvements.

    In this free to access collection, we have handpicked select articles that covers research surrounding the Fukushima disaster, shedding light on diverse aspects of its aftermath. From improvement of tsunami countermeasures to exploring nuclear risk governance from a sociological perspective, this collection offers an examination of the complex dynamics of decision making, governance and societal impacts of the Fukushima disaster.

    A victim identification methodology for rescue robots operating in cluttered USAR environments
    Advanced Robotics
    by Wing-Yue Geoffrey Louie & Goldie Nejat

    Facility against tsunamis and green infrastructure—a case study of post-disaster reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake
    Coastal Engineering Journal
    by Takahide Kurosawa

    Improvement of Tsunami Countermeasures Based on Lessons from The 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami — Situation After Five Years
    Coastal Engineering Journal
    by Anawat Suppasri, Panon Latcharote, Jeremy D. Bricker et al.

    Where Is the Nuclear Nation Going? Hopes and Fears Over Nuclear Energy in South Korea After the Fukushima Disaster
    East Asian Science, Technology and Society: An International Journal
    by Sungook Hong

    Taiwan’s Antinuclear Movement in the Wake of the Fukushima Disaster, Viewed from an STS Perspective
    East Asian Science, Technology and Society: An International Journal
    by Dung-sheng Chen

    Building technical and social confidence in the safety of geological disposal in Japan
    Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology
    by Osamu Tochiyama & Sumio Masuda

    Inference of containment depressurization scenario of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Unit-2 during the Morning of March 15th, 2011
    Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology
    by Kenichiro Nozaki, Takeshi Honda, Seiichi Dono, Daisuke Yamauchi, Masato Mizokami & Shinya Mizokami

    Structural Ignorance of Expertise in Nuclear Safety Controversies: Case Analysis of Post-Fukushima Japan
    Nuclear Technology
    by Kohta Juraku & Shin-Etsu Sugawara

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    Applicable Analysis

    Publishes works on nonlinear, functional and theoretical analyses and applications to inverse and moving boundary problems and spatial bio-mathematical models.
    View journal

    Petroleum Science and Technology

    Publishes work on fluid–fluid and rock–fluid interactions in hydrocarbons and transport phenomena in porous media for advanced petroleum recovery processes.
    View journal

    Applied Mathematics in Science and Engineering

    Research covering all areas of mathematical methods and their applications to fields such as biology, medicine, finance, economics, computer science, physics, and engineering.
    View journal

    International Journal of Computer Mathematics

    Research on applications, concerns and techniques in computer mathematics including numerical analysis, scientific computing, algorithms and machine learning.
    View journal

    Drying Technology

    Publishes international research on the science and technology, and the engineering aspects of drying and dewatering, including mathematical modelling of drying and dryers.
    View journal

    Quality Technology & Quantitative Management

    Publishes theoretical and applied statistical research on quality, reliability and service systems for real-world business and industrial management problems.
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    Blog: What’s Stopping AI Regulation?

    From powering search engines and analyzing medical images to predicting earthquakes and controlling autonomous vehicles, we increasingly rely on AI to carry out tasks that are too complex – or not cost-effective – for humans to do.

    close up of woman with technology blueprint icons

    Blog: Women in STEM Author Interview: Rubia Hassan

    “Every field, every pathway requires passion. Without passion one can enter any field but cannot keep going long, hence you need to be fuelled by passion. Curiosity to learn and critical thinking are a must in research.”

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