The 2019 Winner

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The 2019 Winner

The Bob Franklin Journal Article Award

The Bob Franklin Journal Article Award 2019 is presented to Lucas Graves for his article
‘Boundaries Not Drawn: Mapping the institutional roots of the global fact-checking movement’ published in Journalism Studies Volume 19 Issue 5 (2018).

Read the winning article below with free access until December 31, 2019. 


Judges’ Comments

The Judges were very impressed by each of the three articles identified by journal editors for inclusion on the shortlist and wish to congratulate Stefan Baack, Lucas Graves, Alfred Hermida and Mary Lynn Young on the impressive and scholarly quality of their work.

Judges’ Comments about the winner Lucas Graves

“What Graves offers is a truly comprehensive and historically grounded account about a phenomenon — the checking of facts, the verifying of information, and the institutionalization around such practices — that is of preeminent importance to journalism worldwide. And more than that, he offers a rich framework — the beginnings of a theory for making sense of fact-checking and associated sociological and material processes. And, on top of it all, it’s a brilliantly written article”.

“This article will have a broad scholarly impact and provide inspiration for journalism scholars globally, since “fact-checking” plays such an important role in journalism…  The article has important implications for any culture that embraces free speech.”

Bob Franklin's Comments

“It is difficult to imagine a topic of greater prominence and pertinence to Digital Journalism Studies than the development and institutionalizing of the checking of facts which delivers many of the basic raw materials for journalists’ work and, in turn, for journalism research and scholarship”.

Year Author(s) Journal Article Volume Issue
2018 Lucas Graves Journalism Studies Boundaries Not Drawn 19 5

Exploring the phenomenon of fact-checking, this exceptional article achieves a number of important things that a journal article should do. It (1) explores historical and institutional background on fact-checking as a movement, (2) presents an innovative theoretical framework for analysing fact-checking sites, and (3) provides empirical evidence to examine this framework, impressively using existing theoretical strands in journalism scholarship to make sense of fact-checking, and (4) it does all this from an international perspective through focusing on international summits of fact-checkers. All this makes Graves’ study a true highlight in last year’s collection of papers published in Journalism Studies. Graves demonstrates exceptional grasp of the literature as it relates to his topic, and identifies how his findings contribute to driving further work in related areas, such as what his findings mean for the study of journalistic boundaries. The article is also written in a very accessible way, providing a comprehensive overview of different kinds of fact-checkers and how these can be understood. There is no doubt that this article will inspire scholarship not merely on fact-checking, but also broader concerns, e.g. boundary discourse, professionalization, and others, for years to come. Read the article here.

About the Prize

The Bob Franklin Journal Article Award, a collaboration between Journalism Studies, Journalism Practice and Digital Journalism, seeks to recognise the article that best contributes to our understanding of “connections between culture and society and journalism practices, journalism studies and/or digital media/new technologies.” One article will be shortlisted by each of the Journals’ Editors from papers published in the annual volume of the journal. The shortlist of three articles will then be evaluated by a panel comprising Bob Franklin and the four key figures from the Journalism Studies field. Articles must be written in the English language.

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