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War, State and Society

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Secret Files from World Wars to Cold War

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Highlights, with a special focus on Canada...

War, State and Society

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War-time radio offered British citizens slightly idealized glimpses of life in Canada. The Kitchen Front, a BBC radio programme, suggested creative approaches to cooking during severe food rationing. One broadcast featured a Canadian cook describing how to make Baked Beans, ‘a warming nourishing dish which you usually know only in tins…’ 

Download the highlights e-booklet for direct links to the broadcast transcripts and many more files pertaining to Canada.

Secret Files from World Wars to Cold War 

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This resource contains several files chronicling the investigation of the Corby case, in which the defection to Canada of Soviet embassy worker, Igor Gouzenko, revealed the existence of a Soviet espionage network in Canada. Spread across 4 volumes, here's a link to the first one. 

Download the highlights e-booklet for to access all 4 volumes of the investigation and many more files pertaining to Canada.

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