Taylor & Francis Celebrates Pride Month 2023

Taylor & Francis is excited to celebrate Pride Month in the month of June 2023. To celebrate Pride Month, we have conducted a series of interviews with researchers, scholars, PhD students, librarians, and writers to provide a platform for those in the academic and LGBTQIA+ community to share their stories and experiences as part of both communities. Each speaker shares insights into their own personal stories and histories, and where they hope the future of the LGBTQIA+ community is heading towards.

Watch all the videos to hear from scholars Abby Noland, Ace Lehner, Animesh Anand, Che Gossett, Suzanne Thornton and Thiago Bogossian. Thank you to all our interviewees for sharing their stories with us.

Explore LGBTQIA+ research from Taylor & Francis journals below. All articles will be available to read with free access until December 31, 2023.

Free to access Pride Research

In recent years, a programme for young children called Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) has risen to simultaneous popularity and controversy. This article, written collaboratively by an education scholar and a drag queen involved in organizing DQSH, contextualizes the programme within the landscape of gender in education as well as within the world of drag, and argues that Drag Queen Story Hour provides a generative extension of queer pedagogy into the world of early childhood education.

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For the first time ever, the United States Census Bureau began collecting data on the LGBT community with Phase 3.2 of the Household Pulse Survey. The Household Pulse Survey assesses how residents of the United States are doing during the COVID-19 pandemic. The data provided by the Household Pulse Survey Week 34 through Week 39 provides information to understand the lives of LGBT residents of the United States and how the LGBT community as a whole is doing economically.

LGBTQ + students from diverse ethnic backgrounds studying in higher education institutions (HEI) continue to face high levels of marginalisation due to the intersections of their identities. These students have distinct needs and require specialised support that are currently not being met.

This article explores the negotiation of autism and bisexuality in the lives of young people (16–25). Identity negotiation in this regard refers to the exploration of how the participants experienced the intersection of bisexuality and autism from a personal and a social perspective.

In this article, we offer a new concept of the “queer creative city”, through a critical examination of how a regional queer Bengali film culture has emerged in Kolkata as a result of the convergence of certain urban policies, queer political organising and cultural activism.

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In honor of Pride Month, we would like to highlight a selection of materials for institutions and academics to promote inclusivity, equality, and respect for members of the LGBTQIA+ community both in the academic workspace and spaces of higher education.

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