Precision Oncogenomics

About Precision Oncogenomics

Rapid advances in genomics research and next-generation sequencing technologies have transformed our understanding of cancer, resulting in the development of precision treatment options for some cancers.

Large-scale sequencing projects and advancements in next-generation sequencing technologies provide a wealth of accessible genomic data. Translating the growing body of genomic data is integral in developing new precision treatment strategies for highly heterogeneous cancer types.

Precision Oncogenomics is a fully Open Access, international, peer-reviewed journal publishing research on all aspects of cancer genomics and its application in precision cancer treatment.

The journal aims to rapidly disseminate novel and confirmatory research that contributes to our understanding of the genetic drivers of oncogenesis and advancements in the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of cancer.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

• Functional, structural, and computational genomics
• Genetic testing, single cell sequencing, and next-generation sequencing technologies
• Molecular diagnostics and genetics of cancer
• Epigenomics
• Genome-wide association and genetic predisposition studies
• Biomarker identification studies
• Bioinformatics analyses
• Preclinical and translational studies
• Genomics-based assays and transcriptome analysis
• Characterizations of heterogeneous cancers
• Emerging genomic technologies and machine learning

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          Meet the editor

          Dr. Caroline Heckman is a research director at the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland, Helsinki Institute of Life Science, and University of Helsinki.

          She guides efforts in precision and translational cancer research, with particular emphasis in the development and application of new technologies to advance understanding of these diseases as well as patient response to treatment.

          Her research has been focused on hematological malignancies, the identification of novel predictive biomarkers for patient stratification, plus target development by genomic and other omic analyses.

          Dr. Heckman received her PhD from the MD Anderson Cancer Center and University of Texas Health Science Center Houston and postdoctoral training at Stanford University.

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