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Taylor & Francis Vocational Collections

Discover our vocational collections! Great for preparing your users to take that first step in their careers

Having the right learning resources to support your students is imperative in helping them develop and prepare for their future careers. Within our collections there are plenty of journals that can assist you and your users by providing information on subjects that are used in practical industries.

Here are a few examples of some of our practical collections and journals and what they can offer your users!

Business, Management and Economics

Containing 130 world-leading journals in business, management & economics. 


 These are a few of our featured titles:

  • Journal of Advertising - the flagship journal of the American Academy of Advertising, fosters research of importance to academics and professionals alike.
  • Journal of Marketing Management - this journal sets the standard and agenda for the marketing community, containing content in written and video form.
  • Total Quality Management & Business Excellence - this journal provides up to date research, consultancy work and case studies spanning the whole field of quality management. 

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Sports, Leisure and Tourism

Get access to the latest research from over 55 journals in our Sport, Leisure and Tourism collection.


Here are a few of our featured journals:

  • Journal of Sustainable Tourism - into its 28th volume, Journal of Sustainable Tourism is a highly read journal with over 425,000 downloads in 2019 alone. It provides  major insight into sustainability in tourism and what is currently being done to achieve this.
  • Current Issues in Tourism - one of Taylor & Francis' largest journals containing a host of information surrounding the different current issues within tourism.
  • Leisure Sciences - a leading journal in the leisure research field, containing diverse content and provides an international forum for all voices.

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Computer Science

Access to 10 journals with a vast range of information on computer science.


Here are a few of our featured titles:

  • Human-Computer Interaction - this journal serves both scientific and practical research focusing on how interactive computer systems should be designed and how they are actually used. This enables your users to receive high impact scientific research, with timely and focused special issues published regularly.
  • Spatial Cognition and Computation - this multidisciplinary journal is based on the assumption that critical issues pertaining to spatial cognition and computation lies at the intersection of a number of disciplines.

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Electrical Engineering

Instant access to 4 leading journals in the defined field of electrical engineering.


These are a few examples of our featured journals:

  • LEUKOS - Leukos is the flagship journal of the Illuminating Engineering Society and an international venue for technical developments and scientific discoveries. This journal provides your users with critical information, covering crosscutting topics that include daylighting, energy management and economics.
  • Information Systems Management - a broad scope journal dedicated to a variety of topics in information systems management including sourcing, security and project management. Highlighting the on-going exchange of academic research, best practices and insights based on managerial experience to advance the practice of  information systems management.
  • Electromagnetics - publishing developments in electromagnetic theory, high frequency techniques, antennas and randomes. The Electromagnetics journal offers your users a forum for deliberations on innovations in the field and gives an in-depth coverage to topics of importance through special issues.

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Mechanical Engineering

Containing 21 journals you will get access to leading mechanical engineering research.


These are a handful of our featured journals from our collection:

  • Aerosol Science & Technology - containing experimental, theoretical and numerical research into aerosols and their application in a variety of fields including transport, charging and nanotechnology.
  • Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures - reporting significant developments and state-of-the art reviews dealing with mechanics aspects of advanced materials and structures. This content is applicable to many different industries such as automotive, civil, aeronautical and bioengineering.

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