TPPS - VSI - Recent Achievements in Rice Research in Africa

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Recent Achievements in Rice Research in Africa

by Plant Production Science

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Although the demand for rice is increasing quite rapidly in Africa, the production of it has experienced a limited increase. The imbalance between demand and production is one of the major problems of food security in Africa. Plant Production Science provides this special issue focused on rice research in Africa from the aspect of breeding, cultivar improvement and cultivation to increase productivity. We expect further research based on these published papers.

Article Title Authors
Revisiting rice breeding methods – evaluating the use of rapid generation advance (RGA) for routine rice breeding Bertrand C. Y. Collard, Joseph C. Beredo, Bert Lenaerts, Rhulyx Mendoza, Ronald Santelices, Vitaliano Lopena, Holden Verdeprado, Chitra Raghavan, Glenn B. Gregorio, Leigh Vial, Matty Demont, Partha S. Biswas, Khandakar M. Iftekharuddaula, Mohammad Akhlasur Rahman, Joshua N. Cobb & Mohammad Rafiqul
Progress in varietal improvement for increasing upland rice productivity in the tropics Kazuki Saito, Hidetoshi Asai, Dule Zhao, Alice G. Laborte & Cécile Grenier
Challenges and opportunities for improving N use efficiency for rice production in subSaharan Africa Yasuhiro Tsujimoto, Tovohery Rakotoson, Atsuko Tanaka & Kazuki Saito

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