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Effective use of agricultural machinery for optimising cropping systems

Plant Production Science | Research for Rural Development

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals  (UNSDGs) frameworks identifies 'Zero Hunger' as its 2nd goal. The aim is to achieve 'Zero Hunger' by 2030. Against this backdrop, Plant Production Science invites you to browse recent case studies on how agricultural machinery effectively optimises cropping systems for rural development. The hope is to inspire further studies in this field as we join the global effort towards eradicating global hunger. 

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Article Author
Research strategies for mechanised production of rice in transition from subsistence to commercial agriculture: a case study from Khammouan in Lao PDR S. Fukai, P. Xangsayasane, D. Manikham & J. Mitchell
A diagnostic on-farm survey of the potential of seed drill and transplanter for mechanised rice establishment in Central Laos and Southern Cambodia P. Xangsayasane, S. Phongchanmisai, C. Vuthea et al.
Partially mechanized non-puddled rice establishment: on-farm performance and farmers’ perceptions Md. E. Haque & R. W. Bell
Farmer-participatory evaluation of mechanized dry direct-seeding technology for rice in northeastern Thailand K. Sansen, W. Wongboon, J. Jairin & Y. Kato
Development of hand tractor-mounted seed drill for rice-based cropping systems in the Philippines E. G. Bautista, E. C. Gagelonia, J. E. Abon et al.
Growth and yield of maize using two tillage systems in crop rotation of paddy fields Y. Shinoto, T. Matsunami, R. Otani & S. Maruyama
Combine harvesting efficiency as affected by rice field size and other factors and its implication for adoption of combine contracting service P. Xangsayasane, S. Phongchanmisai, C. Bounphanousai & S. Fukai
Effects of introduction of combine harvester and flatbed dryer on milling quality of three glutinous rice varieties in Lao PDR K. Vongxayya, D. Jothityangkoon, D. Ketthaisong et al.
Fissured grain and head rice yield of crops harvested manually or by combine at different ripening stages in Cambodia S. Bunna, P. Sinath, late H. Sereyvuth et al.
Rice milling quality as affected by drying method and harvesting time during ripening in wet and dry seasons P. Xangsayasane, K. Vongxayya, S. Phongchanmisai et al.
Best practices for paddy drying: case studies in Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, and Myanmar N. -Van-Hung, T.-V.-Tuan, P. Meas et al.
Development and verification of a simulation model for paddy drying with different flatbed dryers N. Van Hung, R. Martinez, T. V. Tuan & M. Gummert

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