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Population Studies

Most Highly Cites Articles - Free Access

Browse this collection of the most influential articles recently published in Population Studies. For over half a century, Population Studies has reported significant advances in methods of demographic analysis, conceptual and mathematical theories of demographic dynamics and behaviour, and the use of these theories and methods to extend scientific knowledge and to inform policy and practice. The Journal’s coverage of this field is comprehensive: applications in developed and developing countries; historical and contemporary studies; quantitative and qualitative studies; analytical essays and reviews. The subjects of papers range from classical concerns, such as the determinants and consequences of population change, to such topics as family demography and evolutionary and genetic influences on demographic behaviour. Often the Journal’s papers have had the effect of extending the boundaries of its field.

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The reversal of the gender gap in education and relative divorce risks: A matter of alternatives in partner choice?
Grow, Andre; Schnor, Christine; Van Bavel, Jan
Facilitators and constraints at each stage of the migration decision process
Kley, Stefanie
Multistate modelling extended by behavioural rules: An application to migration
Klabunde, Anna; Zinn, Sabine; Willekens, Frans; Leuchter, Matthias
Modelling and simulating decision processes of linked lives: An approach based on concurrent processes and stochastic race
Warnke, Tom; Reinhardt, Oliver; Klabunde, Anna; Willekens, Frans; Uhrmacher, Adelinde M.
Moving beyond the household: Innovations in data collection on kinship
Madhavan, Sangeetha; Clark, Shelley; Beguy, Donatien; Kabiru, Caroline W.; Gross, Mark
The effect of number of siblings on adult mortality: Evidence from Swedish registers for cohorts born between 1938 and 1972
Baranowska-Rataj, Anna; Barclay, Kieron; Kolk, Martin
Trends in the age at reproductive transitions in the developing world: The role of education
Bongaarts, John; Mensch, Barbara S.; Blanc, Ann K.
The demography of words: The global decline in non-numeric fertility preferences, 1993-2011
Frye, Margaret; Bachan, Lauren
Socio-economic status and fertility decline: Insights from historical transitions in Europe and North America
Dribe, Martin; Breschi, Marco; Gagnon, Alain; Gauvreau, Danielle; Hanson, Heidi A.; Maloney, Thomas N.; Mazzoni, Stanislao; Molitoris, Joseph; Pozzi, Lucia; Smith, Ken R.; Vezina, Helene
Do perceptions of their partners' childbearing desires affect young women's pregnancy risk? Further study of ambivalence
Miller, Warren B.; Barber, Jennifer S.; Schulz, Paul

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