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Political Communication

Deadline: June 30th, 2021

Call for Symposium/Special Issue Proposals

Political Communication is calling for proposals for a symposium or full special issue on one or more current topics of broad interest to our readership and members of the political communication divisions in the ICA and APSA. Proposals should focus on important current theoretical / empirical developments and debates in political communication.

A symposium will typically comprise 3-5 short papers of around 4000-5000 words each, with a short introduction of no more than 1000 words by the symposium editor(s). A full special issue would comprise of 6-8 articles (around 8,000 words in length). Other (hybrid) models may be proposed as well.

The editorial team particularly encourages proposals that do one or more of the following:

  • Grapple with topics currently relevant across the globe that have not been at the core of political communication research as a field, such as authoritarianism and democratic backsliding; race, racism, and racial oppression; and the study of underrepresented communities, identities, and regions.
  • Feature underutilized methodologies such as cross-national studies, qualitative methods, and mixed methods.
  • Contribute to theoretical development through the integration of existing theories.

We also encourage proposals for symposia or special issues comprised of conceptual pieces, meta-analyses, and literature reviews of critical topics.

Looking to Publish your Research?

We aim to make publishing with Taylor & Francis a rewarding experience for all our authors. Please visit our Author Services website for more information and guidance, and do contact us if there is anything we can help with!

Submission Instructions

Proposals should be approximately 2 pages. They should include a clear account of the research question, the names of the guest editor(s), the names of 3-4 proposed contributors and provisional titles, including a brief description of the proposed content of each article. All special issues will be open for general submissions and decisions will rely on normal peer review processes.

The new deadline for the submission of proposals is June 30th, 2021. Proposals should be sent to [email protected]. Proposals will then be considered by the editorial team of Political Communication. Submitters of successful proposals will be informed no later than mid-September, 2021.

The successful guest editor(s) will use the Journal’s manuscript management system and work with the editorial team of Political Communication to identify external reviewers and render decisions on manuscripts. Inquiries may be addressed to EIC Regina Lawrence at [email protected].

Please note that it is acceptable and advisable to reach out in advance to potential contributors to confirm their interest and identify specific pieces they would produce toward the special issue. While inclusion in the journal is not guaranteed on the basis of a proposal, strong proposals typically include a small group of authors who have committed to producing core pieces.