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Policy and Politics of Women’s Sport and Women in Sport

Call for Papers

Abstract Deadline: 30 September 2019

Guest Editors

Nicolas Scelles - Senior Lecturer in Sport Economics, Manchester Metropolitan University, Department of Economics, Policy and International Business, Sport Policy Unit

Gertrud Pfister - Professor Emeritus in Sport Sociology, University of Copenhagen, Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, Sport, Individual & Society

International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics

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For this Special Issue we are seeking original articles that contribute to our understanding of the policy and politics surrounding women and sport in different contexts. The rationale rests on the fact that despite growing attention from academics on the subject of women and sport, substantial gaps in the literature remain. Authors are invited to submit research that goes some way to filling this gap.  Contributions should be informed by, or located within, policy or political theory. Indicative conceptual approaches include, among others, the notion of power (Bergsgard 2018), soft power (Grix and Brannagan 2016), legitimacy (Strittmatter et al. 2018), political discourse analysis (Whigham and Bairner 2018), sport policy evaluation (Chen 2018), theory of change approach (Bolton et al. 2018), multiple streams framework (Peng et al. 2018) and policy transfer (Dolowitz and Marsh 2000). Research methods employed can be either qualitative (e.g. interviews, documentary analysis, etc.) or  quantitative (e.g. surveys, descriptive or inferential statistics, etc.), as well as mixed methods.

The following list is not exclusive, but cross-cutting themes might include:

  • Sport policy (place and role of women, policy types, etc.)
  • Gender inequalities, policies and politics
  • Politics around changes in policy (political significance / significance as a political resource, role and influence of national and sub-national government, role and significance of transnational and national government organisations, etc.)
  • Impact of changes in policy on women’s sport socio-demography (evolution, social and/or geographical distribution, etc.)
  • Relationship between policy and / or politics and human resources and their careers (players, supervision, coaching, volunteering, etc.)
  • Relationship between policy and / or politics and commercial and / or managerial aspects (professionalization, sponsorship, management, mediatisation, social media, e-sport, etc.)
  • Relationship between policy and / or politics, political discourse and public perceptions and representations
  • Women’s sport, power/soft power and legitimacy (political use of women’s sport success in international competitions, investments in women’s sport as a strategy to increase international success and political recognition)

Submission guidelines

Abstracts should be submitted by no later than September 30th, 2019.

Full Papers (10,000 words maximum including tables, references, figure captions) should be submitted by no later than June 15th, 2020 though Manuscript Central. Please include a note with all submissions that the paper is for consideration in the Special Issue on ‘Policy and Politics of Women’s Sport and Women in Sport’.

For details see the International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics Instructions for Authors.

All submissions will be blind peer reviewed in line with journal protocols. It is anticipated that the special issue will be published in late 2020 (with first publication sooner). If you wish to discuss a potential submission please contact the corresponding guest editor Nicolas Scelles (N.Scelles@mmu.ac.uk).