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Public Money & Management
Papers with policy impact

Free access until 30th June 2020 (via this page only) to the PMM papers that have helped shape public sector management policy worldwide

Editorial: New management relationship in the public sector 13 (3) 1993
Norman Flynn
  • ‘Contribution of the not-for-profit sector’ Analysis & Policy Observatory (APO) (2010)
From old public administration to new public management 14 (3) 1994
Patrick Dunleavy & Christopher Hood
  • ‘Labour inspection and development: Some reflections’ International Labour Organization (2011)
  • ‘Partnership working in the design and delivery of housing policy and programs’ Analysis & Policy Observatory (APO) (2011)
  • ‘Decentralization in health care: strategies and outcomes’ World Health Organization (2007)
  • ‘Working Paper 82 – Public Sector Management in Africa’ African Development Bank Group (2005)
Viewpoint: The Seven Enemies of Evidence-Based Policy 19 (1) 1999
Graham Leicester
  • ‘Enhancing research-policy linkages in Australian housing: an options paper’ Analysis & Policy Observatory (APO) (2005)
  • ‘Understanding and enhancing research-policy linkages in Australian housing: a discussion paper’ Analysis & Policy Observatory (APO) (2004)
Evidence, What Evidence? The Foundations for Housing Policy 19 (1) 1999
Duncan MacLennan, Alison More
  • ‘Enhancing research-policy linkages in Australian housing: an options paper’ Analysis & Policy Observatory (APO) (2005)
  • ‘Understanding and enhancing research-policy linkages in Australian housing: a discussion paper’ Analysis & Policy Observatory (APO) (2004)
Developments: The UK Landfill Tax: Financial Implications for Local Authorities 20 (3) 2000 John Morris, Paul S. Phillips & Adam D. Read
  • ‘Climate Change 2007: Mitigation of Climate Change’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (2007)
Organizational Failure and Turnaround: Lessons for Public Services from the For-Profit Sector 24 (4) 2004
Kieran Walshe, Gill Harvey, Paula Hyde & Naresh Pandit
  • ‘The citizen in regulation’ UK Government (GOV.UK) (2011)
The Future of Regulation in the Public Sector 26 (3) 2006
Steve Bundred
  • ‘Developing the scale and capacity of Australia's affordable housing industry’ Analysis & Policy Observatory
  • ‘Stakeholder views of the regulation of affordable housing providers in Australia’ Analysis & Policy Observatory (APO) (2011)
Public Value or Intrinsic Value? The Arts-Economic Consequences of Mr Keynes 26 (3) 2006
Andrew Pinnock
  • ‘Measuring the value of culture: A report to the Department for Culture Media and Sport’ UK Government (GOV.UK) (2010)
In Search of Purpose and Priorities: Police Performance Indicators in England and Wales 26 (3) 2006
Paul M. Collier
  • ‘A tough nut to crack: performance measurement in specialist policing’ Analysis & Policy Observatory (APO) (2012)
Reducing the Knowledge-Practice Gap: A New Method Applied to Crime Prevention 27 (4) 2007
Frans L. Leeuw, Leontien M. van der Knaap & Stefan Bogaerts
  • ‘pretherapie_19339 - Kamerstuk - nl’ rijksoverheid.nl (2010)
  • ‘aanbieden WODC raport toezichtprogramma s voor delinquenten en fornesisich psychiatrische patienten_10009 - Kamerstuk - nl’ rijksoverheid.nl (2008)
Public Service Management by Numbers: Why Does it Vary? Where Has it Come From? What Are the Gaps and the Puzzles? 27 (2) 2007 Christopher Hood
  • ‘A federation for the 21st century’ Analysis & Policy Observatory (APO) (2014)
The Cost of Using Private Finance to Build, Finance and Operate Hospitals 28 (2) 2008
Jean Shaoul, Anne Stafford & Pam Stapleton
  • ‘A Dangerous Diversion: Will the IFC’s flagship health PPP bankrupt Lesotho’s Ministry of Health?’ Oxfam GB Policy & Practice (2014)
Private sector provision of social housing: an assessment of recent Irish experiments 30 (1) 2010
Michelle Norris & Dermot Coates
  • ‘Secure occupancy in rental housing: conceptual foundations and comparative perspectives’ Analysis & Policy Observatory (APO) (2011)
NHS Boards: knowing the ‘what’ but not the ‘how’ 30 (6) 2010
Gianluca Veronesi & Kevin Keasey
  • ‘Organising for excellence: an international review of good practice in organisational design and governance of research funding bodies’ UK Government (2018)
The implications of personal budgets for the home care market 31 (2) 2011
Kate Baxter, Caroline Glendinning & Ian Greener
  • ‘Public reporting in health and long-term care to facilitate provider choice’ World Health Organization (2014)
  • ‘Building an industry of choice: service quality, workforce capacity and consumer-centred funding in disability care’ Analysis & Policy Observatory (APO) (2013)
Leading policing in the 21st century: leadership, democracy, deficits and the new professionalism 31 (5) 2011
Peter Neyroud QPM
  • ‘Sex discrimination, sexual harassment and predatory behaviour in South Australia Police: Independent review report’ Analysis & Policy Observatory (APO) (2016)
Improving value and certainty in defence procurement 31 (6) 2011 Tom McGuffog
  • ‘An Introduction to Defence Procurement’ UK Parliament Briefing Notes (2019)
Does ‘naming and shaming’ work for schools and hospitals? Lessons from natural experiments following devolution in England and Wales 33 (4) 2013
Gwyn Bevan & Deborah Wilson
  • ‘More effective social services’ Analysis & Policy Observatory (APO) (2015)
  • ‘Governing to Deliver: Reinventing the Centre of Government in Latin America and the Caribbean’ The Inter- American Development Bank (2014)
Managed personal budgets for older people: what are English local authorities doing to facilitate personalized and flexible care? 33 (6) 2013
Kate Baxter, Parvaneh Rabiee & Caroline Glendinning
  • ‘NDIS markets: Market stewardship actions for the NDIS’ Analysis & Policy Observatory (APO) (2018)
  • ‘Adjusting to Consumer Directed Care: the experience of Brotherhood of St Laurence community aged care service users’ Analysis & Policy Observatory (APO) (2016)
Internationalization and employability: the role of intercultural experiences in the development of transferable skills 33 (2) 2013
Elspeth Jones
  • ‘Internationalisation of higher education - EU Law and Publications’ The Publications Office of the European Union (2016)
Comparing the content of regulatory impact assessments in the UK and the EU 27 (2) 2007 Oliver Fritsch, Claudio M. Radaelli, Lorna Schrefler & Andrea Renda
  • ‘EU-US transatlantic trade and investment partnership - EU Law and Publications’ The Publications Office of the European Union (2016)
Reunifying Britain’s Railways: Obstacles and Opportunities 33 (5) 2013
Ian Taylor & Lynn Sloman
  • ‘The UK passenger rail system: how and why it is changing?’ UK Government (2018)
Selling the Royal Mail 34 (4) 2014
David Parker
  • ‘Privatisation of Royal Mail’ UK Parliament Briefing notes (2016)
New development: Directly elected mayors in Italy—creating a strong leader doesn't always mean creating strong leadership 36 (2) 2016
Alessandro Sancino & Lorenzo Castellani
  • ‘Place leadership and regional economic development: a framework for cross-regional analysis’ Analysis & Policy Observatory (APO) (2018)
To austerity and beyond! Third sector innovation or creeping privatisation of public sector services? 37 (2) 2017
Jan Myers
  • ‘Partnerships for Better Public Services’ UK Government (2018)
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