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Reach more readers with our Plant Science, Ecology & Natural History journals

Taylor & Francis is dedicated to providing multiple publishing options that fit the needs and requirements of today’s researcher. With a robust journals portfolio within Plant Science, Ecology & Natural History you can be assured that your research will make its mark globally.

Did you know that most Plant Science, Ecology & Natural History journals give you the option to publish your research open access? Choosing this option allows your work to be more accessible and ensures you reach the widest possible audience.

Reach your readers with one of our selected journals.


2019 Impact Factor 1.250

Écoscience is a multidisciplinary journal that covers all aspects of ecology. The journal welcomes submissions in English or French and publishes original work focusing on patterns and processes at various temporal and spatial scales across different levels of biological organization.

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Plant Signaling & Behavior

2019 Impact Factor 1.671

Plant Signaling & Behavior fosters an understanding of complex plant communications. The journal examines different levels of biological organization through the integration of molecular biology with physiology, phenomenology, and plant behavior.

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Plant Ecology and Diversity 

2019 Impact Factor 1.196

Plant Ecology and Diversity is an international journal for communicating results and novel ideas in plant science. All areas of plant biology relating to ecology, evolution and diversity are of interest, including those which explicitly deal with today's highly topical themes, such as biodiversity, conservation and global change.

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Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection

Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection publishes original papers, short communications, viewpoints and reviews covering all scientific aspects of modern plant protection. Subjects include phytopathological virology, bacteriology, mycology, herbal studies and applied nematology and entomology as well as strategies and tactics of protecting crop plants and stocks of crop products against diseases.

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Botany Letters

Botany Letters is an international scientific journal, published by the French Botanical Society (Société botanique de France) in partnership with Taylor & Francis. Botany Letters replaces Acta Botanica Gallica, which was created in 1993, building on over a century of renowned publications by the Société botanique de France.

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Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology

2019 Impact Factor 1.236

Canadian Journal of Plant Pathologyis an international journal which publishes the results of scientific research and other information relevant to the discipline of plant pathology as review papers, research articles, notes and disease reports. Papers may be submitted in English or French.

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European Journal of Phycology

2019 Impact Factor 2.756

The European Journal of Phycology publishes papers for algal researchers on all aspects of algae, including cyanobacteria, macroalgal, and microalgal ecology.

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Journal of Herbs, Spices & Medicinal Plants

The Journal of Herbs, Spices & Medicinal Plants is an essential reference filled with recent research and other valuable information associated with herbs, spices, and medicinal plants.

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Plant Biosystems 

2019 Impact Factor 1.787

Plant Biosystemsis the research journal edited by the Società Botanica Italiana. The journal is open to papers dealing with all aspects of plant biology, systematics, and ecology. Research studies containing novel and significant findings, from the molecular level to ecosystems and from micro-organisms to flowering plants, are welcome.

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Journal of Natural History

2019 Impact Factor 1.032

Journal of Natural History is an international zoological journal publishing original research and reviews in evolutionary biology and ecology. It maintains its historical niche by publishing a broad range of systematics papers on all animal phyla from Porifera to Chordata, encompassing traditional taxonomic revisions and descriptions, cladistic analyses and molecular phylogenetics and phylogenomics.

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Your open access choices with Taylor & Francis

Open access is great for readers because it gives them immediate access to the latest research. But what are the advantages of publishing open access to you, the author?
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We also have a portfolio of fully open access journals within Plant Science offering authors alternative publishing options. Explore our range of open access journals to find the publishing choice that's right for you.