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Pi Day Virtual Special Issue

To commemorate Pi Day on March 14th, we have put together this Virtual Special Issue of articles on the topic of Pi, from the Mathematical Association of America’s four publications.

All articles are free to access until the end of March 2019, exclusively via this page.

Article Title AuthorVolume Issue
The transcendence of πIvan Niven468 (1939)
Nested square roots of 2L. D. Servi1104 (2003)
Pi day is upon us againDavid H. Bailey & Jonathan Borwein1213 (2014)
Pi, the primes, periodicities, and probabilityStephen D. Casey & Brian M. Sadler1207 (2013)
Why Is Pi Less Than Twice Phi?Alejandro H. Morales, Igor Pak & Greta Panova1258 (2018)
Article Title AuthorVolume Issue
Part 1 The Ubiquitous pi (Part 1)Dario Castellanos 612 (1988)
Part 2 The Ubiquitous pi (Part 2)Dario Castellanos 613 (1988)
Cars, Goats, pi, and eAlberto Zorzi 825 (2009)
The Catalan Numbers and PiJohn A. Ewell 651 (1992)
The Discovery of the Series Formula for π by Leibniz, Gregory and NilakanthaRanjan Roy 63 5 (1990)
Pi DayMark Lynch 861 (2013)
Article Title AuthorVolume Issue
π is the Minimum Value for PiC. L. Adler & James Tanton312 (2000)
Calculus, π, and the Machine AgeSusan Jane Colley344 (2003)
Euler's Identity, Leibniz Tables, and the Irrationality of PiTimothy W. Jones435 (2012)
System Lifetimes, The Memoryless Property, Euler's Constant, and πAnurag Agarwal, James E. Marengo & Likin C. Simon Romero443 (2013)
Mechanical Circle-SquaringBarry Cox & Stan Wagon404 (2009)
Article Title AuthorVolume Issue
Legislating PiUnderwood Dudley63 (1999)
A Better Way to Memorize Pi: The Phonetic CodeArthur T. Benjamin73 (2000)
American πLarry Lesser133 (2006)
A Pi Day of the Century Every YearCornelia A. Van Cott233 (2016)
CON: PI DAY: An Irrational HolidayNicholas Fiori233 (2016)
PRO: PI DAY: Learn, Dream, PlayLuke Anderson23 3 (2016)