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Nuclear Science and Engineering
Publishes research on nuclear science and engineering, including nuclear energy, fundamental physics related to nuclear systems and theoretical physics. 
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Nuclear Technology
Publishes international research in nuclear science and technology, including thermal hydraulics, radiation detection and health physics.
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Fusion Science and Technology
Fusion Science and Technology is the leading journal of fusion technology and fusion plasma that publishes nuclear fusion, fusion physics and plasma physics.
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Molecular Physics
Publishes papers on chemical physics and physical chemistry, covering molecular science (electronic structure, dynamics, spectroscopy and reaction kinetics).
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Philosophical Magazine
Publishes research on materials science and condensed matter physics, including physical, mechanical, optical and electrical properties.
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The Imaging Science Journal
Publishes international research on analogue chemical, electronic, digital and hybrid imaging systems including aerospace, forensic, medical and 3-D imaging.
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Our Most Read Open Access Articles

The Fluoride salt–cooled High-temperature Reactor (FHR) is a Generation IV reactor concept that can operate under near atmospheric pressure circumstances and further enhance inherent safety.

The nuclear energy sector is actively developing a new class of very small advanced reactors, called microreactors. This technology has disruptive potential as an alternative to carbon-intensive energy technologies based on its mobility and transportability, resilience, and independence from the grid, as well as its capacity for long refueling intervals and low-carbon emissions.

The Fusion Energy Reactor Models Integrator (FERMI) is an integrated simulation environment under development for the coupled simulation of the plasma, first wall, and blanket of fusion reactor designs.

Two powerful theories for state-to-state chemical reactions are brought together for the first time. The first theory incorporates Regge pole positions and residues into the partial wave (PW) scattering (S) matrix.

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