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Taylor & Francis Group Physics Science Titles

作为全球领先的学术出版集团,Taylor & Francis Group 在物理科学研究领域著述丰硕,不仅拥有以世界知名科技类出版品牌CRC Press 为有力依托的理论、教育类经典图书,同时也拥有众多高影响力的国际学术期刊及电子资源,是物理科学研究和实践应用中不可或缺的重要参考来源。

Taylor & Francis Group 物理学科优质期刊推荐

Advances in Physics


2020 IF:25.375   JCR Q1   2020 CiteScore:30

Advances in Physics publishes research on condensed matter physics and statistical mechanics including aspects of quantum information and biophysics.

Aims and Scope

International Materials Reviews

材料科学 工程

2020 IF:19.559   JCR Q1   2020 CiteScore:30.3

IMR publishes critical reviews in materials science and engineering, including structural ceramic, composite materials and electronic materials industries.

Aims and Scope

Critical Reviews In Solid State and Material Sciences


2020 IF:10.367   JCR Q1   2020 CiteScore:15.9

Publishes state-of-the-art experimental and theoretical reviews of solid state materials formation, properties, processing and applications.

Aims and Scope

Contemporary Physics

当代物理研究 工业应用及可能性研究

2020 IF:5.185   JCR Q1   2020 CiteScore:5.8

Contemporary physics publishes research on important developments in physics, including industrial and research possibilities and applications.

Aims and Scope

Waves In Random & Complex Media

复杂介质中的量子和非线性效应   散射和逆散射、后向散射增强、多次散射、粗糙表面和体积散射

2020 IF:4.853   JCR Q1   2020 CiteScore:5.7

Reports interdisciplinary research on wave phenomena (quantum or nonlinear effects, scattering, imaging and statistical properties) in random or complex media.

Aims and Scope

Materials Technology

生物材料 包装材料  柔性电子

2020 IF:3.864   JCR Q2   2020 CiteScore:3.5

Publishes papers on functional materials, inclusive of biomaterials, packaging materials and flexible electronics, specifically, advanced materials.

Aims and Scope

Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition


2020 IF:3.517   JCR Q2   2020 CiteScore:4.9

Publishes research on properties of polymeric biomaterials, including polymers for drug delivery, tissue engineering, large molecules in living organisms like DNA.

Aims and Scope

Journal of Energetic Materials

分子轨道计算  合成与分析化学

2020 IF:2.346   JCR Q2   2020 CiteScore:3.2

Publishes papers on explosives, propellants and pyrotechnics, including synthetic and analytical chemistry and formulation, detonation and ignition properties.

Aims and Scope

Advances in Applied Ceramics

功能性陶瓷 生物陶瓷

2020 IF:2.088   JCR Q2   2020 CiteScore:3.5

Publishes research on functional ceramics, engineering ceramics and bioceramics, including properties of ceramics and novel materials through innovative processing.

Aims and Scope

Materials Science and Technology

材料科学 材料工程与技术

2020 IF:1.920   JCR Q2   2020 CiteScore:3.7

Materials Science and Technology publishes research on the fundamental and technological aspects of materials science, materials engineering and technology.

Aims and Scope

物理学及交叉科学(Physics and Multidisciplinary )

High Pressure Research

2020 IF:1.431   2020 CiteScore:2.4

Presents experimental and theoretical advances in high-pressure science and technology, like condensed matter and shockwaves, geophysics and chemical kinetics.

Aims and Scope

Geophysical & Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics

2020 IF:1.451   CiteScore:2.8

Publishes experimental, theoretical and numerical work on fluid mechanics and magnetohydrodynamic behavior of the earth, planets, sun and astrophysical objects.

Aims and Scope

Nuclear Technology

2020 IF:1.567   JCR Q2   2020 CiteScore:1.9

Publishes research on materials science and condensed matter physics, including physical, mechanical, optical and electrical properties.

Aims and Scope

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology

2020 IF:1.599   JCR Q2   2020 CiteScore:2.8

Publishes research on nuclear science and technology, including issues on nuclear power utilization, radiation and beam technologies and nuclear reactor physics.

Aims and Scope

Nuclear Science and Engineering

2020 IF:1.381   2020 CiteScore:2.9

Publishes research on nuclear science and engineering, including nuclear energy, fundamental physics related to nuclear systems and theoretical physics. 

Aims and Scope

Fusion Science and Technology

2020 IF:1.100   2020 CiteScore:2.2

Fusion Science and Technology is the leading journal of fusion technology and fusion plasma that publishes nuclear fusion, fusion physics and plasma physics.

Aims and Scope

Philosophical Magazine Letters

2020 IF:0.980   2020 CiteScore:1.6

Publishes results, theories and concepts on condensed matter for structure and properties of various materials and behavioral interpretations of solids.

Aims and Scope

Journal of Management Information Systems

2020 IF:0.600   2020 CiteScore:1

Publishes papers on neutral-particle transport, kinetic theory, radiative transfer, charged-particle transport and macroscopic transport phenomena.


Aims and Scope

材料科学(Materials Science)

Composite Interfaces

2020 IF:2.952   2020 CiteScore:4.3

Publishes research on composite interfaces/interphases and related phenomena like surface treatments, interfacial morphology, adsorption and tribology.

Aims and Scope

Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology

2020 IF:2.077   2020 CiteScore:2.8

Publishes papers on adhesion research like properties of adhesives, coatings, sealants, adhesive joints, wood, metal, natural and medical adhesives.

Aims and Scope

Powder Metallurgy

2020 IF:1.911   2020 CiteScore:3.4

Publishes research on powder metallurgy and particulate technology, including hard materials and novel powder-based materials.

Aims and Scope

Philosophical Magazine

2020 IF:1.864   JCR Q2   2020 CiteScore:3.2

Publishes research on materials science and condensed matter physics, including physical, mechanical, optical and electrical properties.

Aims and Scope

Integrated Ferroelectrics

2020 IF:0.836   2020 CiteScore:1.1

Publishes interdisciplinary studies on combining ferroelectric properties (piezoelectric, non-volatile memory and dielectric) with semiconductor IC technology.

Aims and Scope

Phase Transitions

2020 IF:1.452   2020 CiteScore:2.2

Publishes experimental and theoretical works on phase transitions in condensed matter, including structure, properties, applications and critical phenomena.

Aims and Scope

Journal of Macromolecular Science, Part B

2020 IF:1.504   2020 CiteScore:1.7

Publishes work on physics of macromolecular solids/liquids (transition mechanism, structure-property relationship), polymer solutions and individual molecules.

Aims and Scope

Advanced Composite Materials

2020 IF:2.870   2020 CiteScore:3.3

ACM publishes research on all scientific and technological aspects of composite materials including their physical and chemical properties.

Aims and Scope

Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications

2020 IF:1.335   2020 CiteScore:2.7

Publishes paper on electromagnetic wave theory and its applications, including photonics, plasmonics, remote sensing, inverse scattering and nano-optics.

Aims and Scope

Materials at High Temperatures

2020 IF:1.632  2020 CiteScore:2.2

Focuses on effects of high-temperature applications and extreme environments on materials in aerospace, energy generation, process and chemical industries.

Aims and Scope

Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly

2020 IF:1.212   2020 CiteScore:2.3

Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly publishes research on all aspects of metallurgy and materials science, including minerals processing and physical metallurgy.

Aims and Scope

Interdisciplinary Science Reviews

2020IF:1.000   2020 CiteScore:0.9

Publishes research on the social, philosophical and historical interrelations of natural sciences with the social sciences, humanities and arts.

Aims and Scope

Applied Earth Science

 2020 CiteScore:1.7

Publishes the application of earth sciences in the exploration, discovery, and exploitation of mineral resources; mineralization, mineralogy and geometallurgy.

Aims and Scope

Materials Research Innovations

2020 CiteScore:3.1

Reports innovations on the synthesis, processing and properties of nano to microscale to bulk materials, covering ceramics, metals, polymers and semiconductors.

Aims and Scope

Ferroelectrics Letters

2020 IF:0.960   2020 CiteScore:1.3

Publishes short papers on ferroelectrics, including ferroelastics, ferromagnetics, piezoelectrics, pyroelectrics, nonlinear dielectrics and liquid crystals.

Aims and Scope


2020 IF:0.620   2020 CiteScore:1.1

Publishes papers on ferroelectrics, including ferroelastics, ferromagnetics, electrooptics, piezoelectrics, pyroelectrics, dielectrics and liquid crystals.

Aims and Scope


Journal of Modern Optics

2020 IF:1.464   JCR Q2   2020 CiteScore:3.1

Publishes work on classical, quantum, biomedical, nonlinear, ultrafast, diffractive and modern optics, including plasmonics, nanophotonics, fibers and imaging.

Aims and Scope

Fiber and Integrated Optics

2020 IF:1.087   2020 CiteScore:1.6

Publishes significant developments and in-depth surveys in the fields of fiber and integrated optics, including optical fibers and electro-optical devices.

Aims and Scope


Synchrotron Radiation News

2020 CiteScore:2.1   

Bimonthly magazine that publishes latest news related to research on synchrotron facilities, meeting reports, upcoming conferences and new products.

Aims and Scope

Nuclear Physics News

2020 CiteScore:1.5 

Publishes news on modern research in nuclear physics, discussions on ideas and issues from nuclear physicists, and profiles cutting edge research facilities. 

Aims and Scope

Radiation Effects and Defects in Solids

2020 IF:1.141   2020 CiteScore:1.3   

Publishes works on radiation and plasma science, focusing on primary/secondary effects of radiation, induced properties and plasma techniques and phenomena.

Aims and Scope



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