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We have carefully curated a range of Physical Sciences & Engineering journals for your selection. At the core of this list are journals that serve the world-wide scientific community covering material science, industrial engineering, artificial intelligence, geotechnical engineering and many more!

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SICE Journal of Control, Measurement, and System Integration

Publishing theoretical and applied research in topics ranging from measurement and control to system analysis, design and integration.
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Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews

Publishes work on research, education and application of green chemistry theories focusing on new syntheses and procedures for hazardous material elimination.
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Journal of Asian Ceramic Societies

An open access journal that publishes research on the science and technology of ceramics, glasses, composites, and related materials.
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Publishes original research papers, reviews and rapid communications on the composition, structure, properties, function and characterization of nanocomposites.
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Cogent Engineering

Publishes research on all areas of engineering and technology including computer science, chemical, mechanical, biomedical, civil and environmental engineering.
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Virtual and Physical Prototyping

Publishes in the field of virtual and rapid prototyping, covering topics like design for additive manufacturing, 4D printing and hybrid manufacturing.
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Science and Technology of Advanced Materials

Science and Technology of Advanced Materials (STAM) publishes research across disciplines of materials science, physics, chemistry, biology and engineering, including functional and structural materials.
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Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering

Publishes research on natural, geographical, socio-economical and cultural conditions in Asia, providing architects and building engineers with solutions.
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Coastal Engineering Journal

Publishes research in the fields of coastal, harbor and offshore engineering including waves and currents, coastal zone development and shore protection.
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Journal of Asian Ceramic Societies

An open access journal that publishes research on the science and technology of ceramics, glasses, composites, and related materials.
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Advancing research on the risks, uncertainties and treatment of geomaterials and geohazards, and the impact and management of engineered systems.
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International Journal of Mining, Reclamation and Environment

Focuses on mining technologies like environmental impact assessment, reclamation and mine optimization for metalliferous deposits, coal, oil sands and minerals.
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Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics

Publishes open access research on numerical methods in fluid mechanics and their applications to aeronautic, civil and environmental engineering.
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Applied Artificial Intelligence

Focuses on research on artificial intelligence, including applications to solve engineering, administration and education tasks, and evaluations of AI systems.
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Applicable Analysis

Publishes works on nonlinear, functional and theoretical analyses and applications to inverse and moving boundary problems and spatial bio-mathematical models.
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Petroleum Science and Technology

Publishes work on fluid–fluid and rock–fluid interactions in hydrocarbons and transport phenomena in porous media for advanced petroleum recovery processes.
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Applied Mathematics in Science and Engineering

Research covering all areas of mathematical methods and their applications to fields such as biology, medicine, finance, economics, computer science, physics, and engineering.
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International Journal of Computer Mathematics

Research on applications, concerns and techniques in computer mathematics including numerical analysis, scientific computing, algorithms and machine learning.
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Drying Technology

Publishes international research on the science and technology, and the engineering aspects of drying and dewatering, including mathematical modelling of drying and dryers.
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Quality Technology & Quantitative Management

Publishes theoretical and applied statistical research on quality, reliability and service systems for real-world business and industrial management problems.
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