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Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group publications spotlight breadth and depth in all areas of philosophical inquiry. Our published authors tackle a broad range of different topics to represent countless viewpoints and continue a stimulating conversation while welcoming inclusivity across the board.

In acknowledgement of the current discussions regarding diversity and inclusivity in philosophy, we hope that this article collection further encourages and supports that conversation. We welcome thoughts and suggestions for this collection, join the conversation with #WelcomingInclusivity on Twitter.

Enjoy the collection

Article TitleAuthor(s)Journal Title
The Ethics of Smart Pills and Self-Acting Devices: Autonomy, Truth-Telling, and Trust at the Dawn of Digital MedicineCraig M. Klugman, Laura B. Dunn, Jack Schwartz, & I. Glenn Cohen The American Journal of Bioethics
African philosophy and global epistemic injusticeJonathan O. Chimakonam Journal of Global Ethics
Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter? Color-blindness and Epistemic Injustice*Ashley AtkinsSocial Epistemology
Interdisciplinary experiences: working with indigenous knowledge in developmentPaul Sillitoe Interdisciplinary Science Reviews
Philosophy and profound disability: learning from experienceJohn Simon Vorhaus Disability & Society
Shari'ah Perspective on Green Jobs and Environmental EthicsMehdi Shabannia Mansour, Kamal Halili Hassan, & Parviz Bagheri Ethics, Policy & Environment
What's in it for the Historian of Science? Reflections on the Value of Philosophy of Science for History of ScienceTheodore Arabatzis International Studies in the Philosophy of Science
Justice in migrationChristine Straehle Canadian Journal of Philosophy
Are You My People?Desirée H. Melton The Black Scholar
Philosophy in the 'house of stone': a critical reviewEzra Chitando & Fainos Mangena South African Journal of Philosophy
Hidden concerns of sharing research data by low/middle-income country scientistsLouise Bezuidenhout & Ereck Chakauya Global Bioethics
Modelling the history of early modern natural philosophy: the fate of the art-nature distinction in the Dutch universitiesuniversitiesAndrea Sangiacomo British Journal for the History of Philosophy
Before ethics: scientific accounts of action at the turn of the centuryAnna C. Zielinska Philosophical Explorations
Mental Capacity and Decisional Autonomy: An Interdisciplinary ChallengeGareth S. Owen, Fabian Freyenhagen, Genevra Richardson, & Matthew Hotopf Inquiry
Philosophy, Science, and Virtual CommunismAndrew Culp Angelaki
21% versus 79%: Explaining philosophy's gender disparities with stereotyping and identificationDebbie Ma, Clennie Webster, Nanae Tachibe, & Robert Gressis Philosophical Psychology
Facing up to the Eurocentrism and Racism of Academic Philosophy in the West: A Response to Davis, Direk, and MillsRobert Bernasconi Comparative and Continental Philosophy
Reclaiming reality and redefining realism: the challenging case of transgenderismDavid PilgrimJournal of Critical Realism
On the emergence of American analytic philosophyJoel Katzav & Krist Vaesen British Journal for the History of Philosophy
Misplaced idealism and incoherent realism in the philosophy of the refugee crisisSune Lægaard Journal of Global Ethics
Loób and Kapwa: An Introduction to a Filipino Virtue EthicsJeremiah Reyes Asian Philosophy
Speaking after the Phenomenon: the Promise of Things and the Future of PhenomologyFelix Ó Murchadha Journal of the British Society for Phenomology
Some Myths about EthnocentrismAdam Etinson Australasian Journal of Philosophy
Epistemic Credibility and Women in Philosophy Fiona Jenkins Australian Feminist Studies
Ecological and ethical issues in virtual reality research: A call for increased scrutinyErick Jose Ramirez Philosophical Psychology
The Journey from Discovery to Scientific Change: Scientific Communities, Shared Models, and Specialised VocabularySarah M. Roe International Studies in the Philosophy of Science
Transgenerational actions and responsibilityTiziana Andina Journal of Critical Realism
Science as Public Sphere?Jesús Vega Encabo & F. Javier Gil Martin Social Epistemology
Between Luxury and Need: The Idea of Distance in Philosophical AnthropologyAlison Ross International Journal of Philosophical Studies

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