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Pharmacology and Pharmacy

Find the perfect home for your research.

Publishing your research has never been easier.

Taylor & Francis publishes a wide offering of pharmacology and pharmacy journals, allowing you the flexibility to choose how and where you want to publish your research. Through the global reach of the Taylor & Francis platform, coupled with Dove Medical Press and F1000Research, your work will be discoverable to an expansive audience of medical professionals and clinical researchers. 

We also offer open access publishing options that meet funder requirements across all our titles. Explore the journals below and find the perfect home to publish your research. 

Biologics: Targets and Therapy

Focusing on the patho-physiological rationale and clinical application of biologic agents and their biosimilars in the management of autoimmune diseases, cancers or other pathologies.

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Clinical Pharmacology: Advances and Applications

Publishing clinical trials with a special interest in early clinical trials and the pharmacologic behavior of drugs and agents.

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Drug Delivery

Publishing open access research on oral, pulmonary, nasal, parental and transdermal drug delivery systems and conjugates, drug entry and targeting.

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Drug Design, Development and Therapy

An open access journal that spans the spectrum of drug design and development through to clinical applications.

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Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy

Covering relevant topics and research methods related to pharmaceutical research, development and industrial pharmacy.

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Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery

Publishing drug delivery research, including delivery technologies, vehicles, formulations and devices, the delivery of specific drug and therapeutic classes, modes of entry into the body and applications in diseases.

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Expert Opinion on Drug Discovery

Publishing review articles on novel technologies involved in the drug discovery process, leading to new leads and reduced attrition rates.

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Annals of Medicine: Pharmacology

Led by an editorial team of subject experts, the Pharmacology section of Annals of Medicine publishes research results across the fields of experimental and clinical pharmacology.

Authors can choose to submit their work to one of the specialty sections in Annals that best align with their research, and have their manuscript handled by the section's expert Editors.

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Expert Opinion on Drug Safety

Publishing reviews on all aspects of drug safety, adverse events, and pharmacovigilance, as well as original research on the clinical implications of drug treatment safety issues.

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Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets

Covering novel molecular disease targets while providing expert opinion on their scope for future drug development and the impact on drug discovery.

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Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology

Publishing clinical pharmacology research on drug evaluation, safety, toxicity, tolerability, efficacy, genomics, adverse reactions and pharmacoeconomics.

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Expert Review of Precision Medicine and Drug Development

Covering the development and application of medicine in a personalized therapy setting.

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Journal of Drug Assessment

Publishing study types on a range of drug therapeutics of interest to the clinical medicine and research communities.

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Journal of Drug Targeting

Publishing research on targeting and delivery of molecular and macromolecular drugs, carrier systems, and diagnostic, in vivo and in vitro applications.

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Journal of Experimental Pharmacology

Publishing original research, reports, reviews and commentaries on all areas of laboratory and experimental pharmacology.

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Pharmaceutical Biology

Publishing research describing the discovery, methods for discovery, description, analysis characterization, and production/isolation of biologically-active chemicals, drugs, pharmaceutical products or preparations used in traditional medicine.

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