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Special Issue Call for Papers

Canadian and Caribbean Perspectives on Youth and Family-Centered Social Issues

Abstracts submission deadline
31 March 2020

Child & Youth Services, an international peer reviewed journal, is inviting abstracts for consideration for a special issue planned for Volume 42 (2021).

The special issue is guest-edited by Dr. Derek Chadee, University of West Indies, Dr. Petra Roberts and Dr. Kiaras Gharabaghi, both from Ryerson University. The theme for this special issue revolves around social challenges impacting young people, their families and their communities in Canada and the Caribbean that may manifest differently but pose similar challenges in both jurisdictions.

This special issue is inspired by the transnational connections between Canada and the Caribbean, emerging partnerships between Canadian and Caribbean academic institutions, and an increasing recognition that there is considerable synergy in social challenges that appear in Canadian urban areas and across Caribbean countries. To this end, the special issue invites abstracts that revolve around the following topics in either Canada or a Caribbean country or within the transnational spaces between the regions:

Youth Crime and Crime Prevention

  • National crime prevention programs
  • Incarceration of young people
  • Alternative measures or diversion programs for young people in conflict with the law
  • Police engagement of youth

Youth and Education

  • Left-behind children; particularly those whose opportunities for quality education are impeded by factors such as socio-economic status, presence of learning disabilities, etc.
  • Stresses due to unmanageable school workload.

Youth and Health

  • Mental health (e.g., depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, substance abuse disorders).
  • Physical health (e.g., childhood obesity).

Youth Violence

  • Bullying
  • Violent extremism (adolescent foreign terrorist fighters)
  • School violence

Child Maltreatment

  • Abuse (sexual, physical, mental)
  • Neglect from caregivers/living with unfit caregivers
  • Exposure to domestic violence
  • Child trafficking

Vulnerable Groups

  • Pregnant teenagers
  • Child refugees
  • Orphaned children/Those living in institutional care
  • Street children
  • Children living with HIV/AIDS
  • Children living in poverty

The Editors invite submissions from all disciplines. Contributors are encouraged to submit a 300 to 500 word abstract of their intended paper that provides a description of the topic, the theoretical framework that informs it, and, where applicable, a brief description of research methods and findings. Final papers should have an explicit section describing the relevance of the paper to policy or practice contexts in any Canadian or Caribbean jurisdiction.

We also encourage manuscripts that adopt or advocate for social innovative approaches in resolution of social issues.

Abstract should be submitted to BOTH Dr. Chadhee at [email protected] and Dr. Gharabaghi at [email protected] no later than March 31, 2020. Acceptance will be confirmed by April 15th, 2020. Papers will be due by October 31, 2020. All papers will undergo a double blind peer review process, to be completed by December 31, 2019. Authors will then have two weeks to re-submit with revisions as required or recommended by the Editors.