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Paleontology Articles

The Annual Meeting of the Palaeontological Association

To celebrate the Annual Meeting of the Palaeontological Association (PALASS), we’ve collated six articles from four of our Paleontology journals. These articles have been chosen by the editors, highlighting the leading articles of their journals and the breadth of their research into vertebrate paleontology.

PALASS will be held in Valencia, Spain from December 15th to December 21st, a meeting that brings together palaeontologists from across the world for talks, short field excursions, the Association’s AGM, and a social programme with an Annual Dinner.

These articles are free to access from this page until January 2020.

Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology

The flagship publication of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology. It publishes original contributions on all aspects of vertebrate paleobiology.
A new Monodontidae (Cetacea, Delphinoidea) from the lower Pliocene of Italy supports a warm-water origin for narwhals and white whales

Giovanni Bianucci, Fabio Pesci, Alberto Collareta & Chiara Tinelli393
Functional morphology and hydrodynamics of plesiosaur necks: does size matter?
Pernille V. Troelsen, David M. Wilkinson, Mehdi Seddighi, David R. Allanson & Peter L. Falkingham. 392
Simbakubwa kutokaafrika, gen. et sp. nov. (Hyainailourinae, Hyaenodonta, ‘Creodonta,’ Mammalia), a gigantic carnivore from the earliest Miocene of Kenya.
Matthew R. Borths & Nancy J. Stevens. 391
Cranial anatomy of the basal neoceratopsian Auroraceratops rugosus (Ornithischia: Ceratopsia) from the Yujingzi Basin, Gansu Province, ChinaEric M. Morschhauser, Daqing Li, Hailu You & Peter Dodson38Supplement 1
A new dinosaur with theropod affinities from the Late Triassic Santa Maria Formation, south Brazil.
Júlio C. A. Marsola, Jonathas S. Bittencourt, Richard J. Butler, Átila A. S. Da Rosa, Juliana M. Sayão & Max C. Langer. 385
A Miocene pearleye, Benthalbella praecessor, sp. nov. (Teleostei, Aulopiformes), from Sakhalin Island, Russia: the first known skeletal record for the family Scopelarchidae.
Mikhail V. Nazarkin & Giorgio Carnevale. 385

Alcheringa: An Australasian Journal of Palaeontology

The official journal of the Australasian Palaeontologists and covers all aspects of palaeontology and its ramifications into the earth and biological sciences.
Title AuthorVolume Issue
Leg bones of a new penguin species from the Waipara Greensand add to the diversity of very large-sized Sphenisciformes in the Paleocene of New Zealand
Gerald Mayr, Vanesa L. De Pietri, Leigh Love, Al Mannering & R. Paul Scofield
Anacoracid sharks and calcareous nannofossil stratigraphy of the mid-Cretaceous ‘upper’ Gearle Siltstone and Haycock Marl in the lower Murchison River area, Western Australia
Mikael Siversson,Todd D. Cook, Helen E. Ryan, David K. Watkins, Nikolai J. Tatarnic, Peter J. Downes & Michael G. Newbrey431
A palaeobiogeographical synthesis of Australasian Mesozoic marine tetrapods
Benjamin P. Kear, R. Ewan Fordyce, Norton Hiller & Mikael Siversson424
Early Cretaceous polar biotas of Victoria, southeastern Australia—an overview of research to date
Stephen F. Poropat, Sarah K. Martin, Anne-Marie P. Tosolini, Barbara E. Wagstaff,Lynne B. Bean, Benjamin P. Kear, Patricia Vickers-Rich & Thomas H. Rich422
Reappraisal of Austrosaurus mckillopi Longman, 1933 from the Allaru Mudstone of Queensland, Australia’s first named Cretaceous sauropod dinosaur
Stephen F. Poropat, Jay P. Nair, Caitlin E. Syme, Philip D. Mannion, Paul Upchurch, Scott A. Hocknull, Alex G. Cook, Travis R. Tischler & Timothy Holland414
Oldest meiolaniid turtle remains from Australia: evidence from the Eocene Kerosene Creek Member of the Rundle Formation, Queensland
Stephen F. Poropat, Lesley Kool, Patricia Vickers-Rich & Thomas H. Rich412


A well-established, international journal covering all aspects of the science of organic microfossils and their modern counterparts.
Title Author Volume Issue
Pollen and spores from the Tendaguru Beds, Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous of southeast Tanzania: palynostratigraphical and paleoecological implications, Palynology
Eckart Schrank 341
DinoflagWelcome2tnflate cysts from the Cretaceous–Paleogene boundary at Ouled Haddou, southeastern Rif, Morocco: biostratigraphy, paleoenvironments and paleobiogeography, Palynology
Hamid Slimani, Stephen Louwye & Abdelkabir Toufiq 341
Possible freshwater dinoflagellate cysts and colonial algae from the Upper Jurassic strata of the Surat Basin, Australia, Palynology
Carmine C. Wainman, Daniel J. Mantle, Carey Hannaford & Peter J. McCabe433
Terrestrial and marine floral response to latest Eocene and Oligocene events on the Antarctic Peninsula, Palynology
Sophie Warny, C. Madison Kymes, Rosemary Askin, Krzysztof P. Krajewski & Andrzej Tatur431
Late Triassic (early Carnian–Norian) palynology of the Sentralbanken High, Norwegian Barents Sea, Palynology
Niall William Paterson, Gunn Mangerud, Lars Haug Holen, Johne Landa, Bjørn Anders Lundschien & Frøydis Eide 431
Palaeocene–Eocene miospores from the Chicxulub impact crater, Mexico. Part 1: spores and gymnosperm pollen, Palynology
Vann Smith, Sophie Warny, David M. Jarzen, Thomas Demchuk, Vivi Vajda & The Expedition 364 Science PartyTBCTBC

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